Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Panda Bear requests the US Goverment Restore Woolworth's

Originally written in 2009
We live in a time where government is either running or bailing out private industry. It bailed out many financial institutions and has taken over the running of GM and Chrysler auto. In addition it is attempting to either control or reform (depending on one’s perspective) health care.

In the spirit of government involvement of what was once viewed as private industry, the Panda Bear proposes that the government bring back  Woolworth’s. Woolworth’s is both a vital and symbolic part of the US economy. Where else but Woolworth’s could one buy pets, buttons, home decorations, clothes, small electronics and pots in one store? It was an anchor store for many urban areas which have deteriorated since Woolworth’s has closed.

Furthermore, Woolworth’s has a major place in US history. There is the Woolworth’s building. To integrate the Woolworth’s lunch counter was an early goal of the civil rights movement. The founder of Woolworth’s rose from rags to riches. His daughter, Barbara Hutton , was the perfect example poor little rich girl. Woolworth’s is integral part of US culture and economy which the US government should preserve.

The Panda Bear doesn’t know if the government should be involved in bailing out AIG or GM. But considering the unique history and role of Woolworth’s, the Panda Bear thinks the government should restore Woolworth’s.

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