Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Panda Bear gives an Update on her Broken Wrist

The Panda Bear's wrist is feeling better. She no longer has to wear a cast or splint. Even though she broke her left wrist what hurts her most is her right thumb because she used it more when she was in a cast.

She still can't do weight bearing exercise on her left side so she can't do some of her yoga exercises. The Panda Bear still feels that breaking her wrist has effected her mood since she can't exercise as much as she did before she broke it. Hopefully, she shortly will get back to her old routines

The Panda Bear on Bin Laden's Death

The Panda Bear admits that she was glad to hear that Bin Laden was killed.   She used to joke that he was hiding in some very obvious place(she said it was Washington DC). 

However, she on a more serious note, the Panda Bear wants to remind her viewers that war is brutal.  It about killing people.   It does not bring out that nice side of human beings.  The killing of any human being is a tragic event.

This is the reason why she believes that wars should only be very sparingly fought.

The Panda Bear on the Beginning of Her Blog

The Panda Bear right now does not alloiw posting.   She is afraid that negative posts will take away her incentive to write.   She may allow posts of the subject of bullying so bullying victims can share their experiences.

Posted 4/26/2011

The quote that Panda Bear was looking for when she decided to accept advertising was this quote from Samuel Johnson who wrote the first dictionary.

No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.
Samuel Johnson

The Panda Bear has found that the accepting of advertising has made her have a greater desire to have her blog read and she has done more to attract readers than she would if her log did not have advertising.

The Panda Bear has also gone out and bought a netbook. She has long had a desire to have portable (and cheap) word processing. However, now that the Panda Bear runs a "commercial blog site" she can feels she can justify it as a business expense.

Posted 4/18/2011
The Panda Bear Blog Accepts Advertising.
The Panda Bear took Samuel Johnson's advise to the effect that only a blockhead wrote for any reason but for money(when she has time she will up the exact quote).  At the very least, maybe the money from advetising will help her buy a computer that she takes every where with her so can can go on the internet and do word processing.   Perhaps she can get a business tax deduction.

However, the Panda Bear wonders what will happen when her advetisers find out that she is Ms. Cheapo and does not like to shop?  Though she is a capitalist,  The Panda Bear has some criticisms of the consumer society.  Will she abandon her principles for money?

However the Panda Bear would still blog even if she made no money.   It is for her a hobby.

Posted 4/15/2011

The Panda Bear Blog is also NOT a fancy home blog.  She finds it a challenge to do the bare minimum of home chores.  It is a blog about coping with the daily grind of life.

Posted 4/5/2011

The Panda Bear Blog is NOT going to be a travel blog.  The Panda Bear gets envious of reading of peoples travels in Facebook.  Kudos to my traveling FB friends!!

However, the Panda Bear believes that there are many people like her who do not have the resources/time to travel.   She reminds herself of many famous New Englanders who did not travel much such as Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau.

The Panda Bear believes that some of the best travels are journeys into one’s soul and somewhere deep inside the spirit are embedded some universal human truths.

The Panda Bear will have to settle/attempt for this kind of travel now.

The Panda Bear on House Cleaning-Updated 4/26/2011

Posted 4/26/2011

Panda Bear met a friend on the weekend. She thinks the friend wanted to be invited over. However, the Panda Bear's apartment was a mess and she usually does not invite people over.

When the Panda Bear first moved into the apartment, ten years ago she had people over. The Panda apartment was clean. The Panda Bear likes to cook and her guests liked her food. However, the Panda Bear could not stand all the suggestions she got for home improvements. She felt this behavior was very rude. She thinks it is just as impolite to make suggestions about people's living arrangements as making suggestions about the hostess’s cooking. At that time the Panda Bear was working full time at a new job and going to school part time. She did not have time to do anything extra.

While the Panda Bear likes to cook, she hates domestic projects.  Domestic projects are for the Panda Bear like taxes-possibly useful but life would be nicer without them.  Martha Stewart would not get rich in a world full of Panda Bears. Therefore,   the Panda Bear felt it was easier and pleasanter for her to meet her friends as restaurants. Many of her friends are also home challenged.

Posted 4/21/2011
The Panda Bear still gets very annoyed that the still culture(including friends and family) puts the burden of house keeping on the woman in familes even if both the man and woman work for time.

Posted 4/15/2011
The Panda Bear was talking to some coworkers about house cleaning.   They all said it was hard to time to keep things cleaned and organized while working full-time.   The Panda Bear does not feel like cleaning after she come home from work(except her new micro daily clean of one tiny area).   She will do a little cleaning during the weekend.

Earlier, this week the Panda Bear heard someone on NPR talk about hoarders.  The Panda Bear knows some people who do live in small apartments and hoard.   The Panda Bear is not a hoarder.

However, the Panda Bear feels people who live in small apartments have hard time keeping things clutter-free than those living in big houses.

Posted 4/12/2011

The Panda Bear took some ibuprofen and her thumbs feel better.  She strained the tendons on her fingers when her wrist was in a cast.

As her broken wrist heals, the Panda Bear can return to her most hated chore of all- putting her home in order.

It was Panda Bear’s New Years resolution to do more housecleaning and to try to find some enjoyment in the process.

Of course, she has the incentive that once she gives the house a good cleaning she will have professional cleaner do a more thorough job.

Because, she is busy working full-time, hates cleaning , and gets tired at night, she attempts to do amounts of only small amounts cleaning at a time.  Every day she resolves to clean some tiny area.  

Actually, since she has broken her wrist she enjoys getting the wrist that was broken wet.   As she cleans the little area she has resolved to clean, she rejoices at creating order out of chaos.   She will look at the clean area much like a woman looks at the clean area in advertisement for cleaning products.

The Panda Bear looks at cleaning her apartment as an exercise in self-discipline and organization.    She feels she has some tendency at hyperactivity and looks at cleaning as an exercise in slowing herself down.

However, the Panda Bear still feels that in her version of heaven there are no household chores.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Panda Bear and US Politics

Foreign Aid
It surprises the Panda Bear that it appears no one either on the left or the right appears to be discussing cutting foreign aid to help reduce the US deficit.   The Panda Bear thinks foreign aid should be cut for two important reasons.

For one,  the US can not afford it and it  has very needy people at home.  Secondly she has heard of very high percentage of foreign gets stolen by the governments and never reaches the people that it is intended to serve so it is a waste of US money.
People need to remember that if the US economy goes down the whole world suffers.

Posted 4/18/2011
Remembering Franklin Roosevelt

The Panda Bear has been hearing a lot of recent criticisms of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal.   There are questions about whether his policies help end the depression.

However, as time goes on, the Panda Bear thinks it should be remembered that  Franklin Roosevelt has some ability calm people down and hold people together in tough times.  The Panda Bear has heard from her father who grew up in the Depression and from others who lived during this period that Franklin Roosevelt had charisma and was able to make people feel that they would survive during those tough and chaotic times. 

The Panda Bear fears that as people who have not lived through this time analyze his policies “objectively” this quality of his leadership may be forgotten.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Panda Bear on War and Peace

Posted 4/26/2011
Senator John Kerry was once a peace protester. What has happened to him? Some cynics believe that it is less fashionable to be for peace now that there is no draft. However, since there is no draft probably the part of the US population that is most effected by the wars is the less affluent part of the US.

Peace quote:

Indeed, I think people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of their way and let them have it.-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Posted 4/20/2011The Huffington Post reports on the friction between Obama and the military.

In short, The Panda Bear thinks the military is right and Obama is wrong. She thinks there is no such thing as a "nice" war and the only justification for war is to defend one's own country.
Posted 4/18/2011
NPR reports on the whereabouts of the ant-war movement.

The Panda Bear thinks it is terrible that the US now fights war where only a small percentage of its population directly feels the cost.

The Panda Bear also wonders when people are going to realize how costly these wars are. Many people felt it was a mistake of the Johnson adminstration to pursue both an expensive war and expand social programs.

Posted April 7
The Panda Bear wonders where all the peace activists have gone.

The Panda Bear is not a pacifist but thinks the only justification for war is in the interests of national defense. The Panda Bear does not like the US getting involved in the civil disputes of other countries where she thinks probably no side is the good side.

The Panda Bear Blog Pinged!!!

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The Panda Bear invites others to ping their favorite blogs!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Panda Bear on Human Nature

The Panda Bear is beginning to wonder how human beings described human nature before the invention of modern technology. The Panda Bear keeps on hearing that like computers humans are "hardwired", humans do or do not "multitask", and they need "downtime". People are like cell phones in that they have batteries that need to be recharged. In the 70s people were compared to robots and machines. Why do humans like to compare themselves to objects?

Actually, the Panda Bear thinks that humans are more like Panda Bears and other mamals than machines.  Much  of human behavior is routed in instinct and emotion which machines do not have.

It much amused the Panda Bear to see a an web site that Pandas were like humans-she thinks humans are like Pandas only Pandas don't do as much damage to the enviroment. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Panda Bear on Healthcare

The Panda Bear went to see a physician today.  She does not like going to the doctor.  The emotions around going to an MD are similar to what many people feel about going to a dentist.  She feels that going to a physician is like having an encounter with the grim reaper.   The physician seems convey the thought that one day the Panda Bear will experience terrible illness and death-if not today definitely some other day.  Fortunately, the Panda Bear is in good health.

Ironically, the Panda Bear likes going to the dentist.  The dentist makes her feel cared for and alleviates her pain.   She feels taken care off as he works on her teeth.


As though to prove my point, a temporary crown fell off the Panda Bear’s tooth and she called her dentist and he said to come right away to have it fixed.

Her reaction to going to the dentist-feelings of warmth and of being taken care of-her emotional reaction about going to the medical doctor-dread, fear and disappointment.

In the future posts, the Panda Bear will offer her ideas of how physicians can improve their image.  She believes that physicians need to realize that just making people healthier and live longer does not necessarily earn them high emotional regard

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Panda Bear Broke her Wrist

The Panda Bear is recovering from a broken writst.  She fell on the ice leaving work on a very snowy day.  She is no longer in a cast but her thumbs on both hands hurt because she used them more when she was in the cast.   It is making it hard to blog as much as she would like.
She works in an office during the day so she needs to save her hands for work.