Monday, April 20, 2015

The Panda Bear on Her New Job, the Boston Marathon and the Olympics

The Panda Bear is the blog of a humble office worker who wants to change the world.   

In November, the Panda Bear switched jobs.   She likes her new job much better than her old job,   She will be learning new skills-this is the first time she has on the job training in about twenty years(the Panda Bear thins this is a major problem in the job market today is that employers no longer want to train people).   Unlike her old office, the new office is pro-plant and in general a much more lively place then her former position.   Furthermore, her new organization’s goal is to challenge the status quo in her industry a goal which the Panda Bear shares so she feels more of personal commitment to her job.

However, the Panda Bear has also learned that a job one likes is still work.   She still comes home from work tired.    Her employer acknowledges it is a high stress position and the Panda Bear expects to feel more stress as she gets more experienced. (In the Panda Bear's work life she has found that the two year anniversary on the job can be a high stress time.   She will be seen as fully trained and will have made some mistakes on the job ;).   Also the Panda Bear has found just changing jobs can be stressful.  It takes the Panda Bear a while to get used to the new routines and the new people.   In the past, the Panda Bear has underestimated how tiring job change can be.

Therefore, the Panda Bear will be posting less frequently then she has in the past.   She needs time to get used to her new job and some personal issues have come up to keep the Panda Bear busy.   (Note-this is a problem in modern life-people go from job stress to personal stress after work).

However, the recent events in the Boston area have made the Panda Bear take up her pen again.   The intense security measures that there are today because of the Boston Marathon and Red Sox games and the disruption this is causing many businesses and workers makes the Panda Bear think that it is absurd to have the Olympics in Boston.   She thinks only a few special interests will benefit from having the Olympics here.   Somehow, the ordinary taxpayer will have to foot the bill for a big part of the games.   In other countries where they have had the Olympics the Panda Bear hears about how ordinary people have to suffer to make more "pretty" the area of the games.

Furthermore, there is some evidence that most people in Boston don't want it in Boston.    The push for the Olympics is coming from the local government which is run by the political party the Democrats who are seeming more and more undemocratic.