Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Panda Bear Misreads the Number of Her Subscribers

The Panda Bear needs to apologize to her readers.   She has fewer than 43 subscribers.     Yesterday she figured out how to use a program called Feedburner to get the number of readers that subscribed to her posts.   However, she added the total number of subscribers every day together which she should not have done.  Her total number of subscribers is the total for the day.    The Panda Bear is very glad to get any subscribers.
The Panda Bear can use tracking software to see various characteristics of her readers.  Right now the Panda Bear can see what countries her visitors are from and what operating systems her visitors use.   She can see what from web sites visitors found her blog.   Also she can find out what search words visitors used on search engines to get to her site.  
The Panda Bear is hoping to activate software that can tell her how many visitors are new and how many are returning viewers.    It is amazing what tracking software can do.   As the Panda Bear is discovering,  Blogging involves a combination of creative and technical skills.

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