Monday, May 16, 2011

The Panda Bear on the Weekends

As she returns to the working world, the Panda Bear has several observations to make about the weekend.

The first observation the Panda Bear wishes to make about the weekends is that they are too short.   The Panda Bear often jokes that if she were a demagogue and wanted to seize power by bribing the masses, she would promise  to add an extra day to the weekend while giving the workers the same pay.  Mr. Panda(the Panda Bear’s husband) remarked the economy would fall apart if this was implemented.   However, the Panda Bear would like to point out that the US economy is in a mess-would a three day weekend make it any worse?

The second observation the Panda Bear would lime to make is that one can’t get all take care of all personal business during the weekends.   Workers who work some version of Monday through Friday from nine to five will offen need to take time off from work to do such things as see physicians, do banking business, and having furniture delivered.   This taking off work time for such matters depletes US workers of their very limited amount of vacation time.

The third observation the Panda Bear would like to make is that the there are more crowds outside during the weekends then weekdays.  Once Panda Bear started a new job that gave people very vacation time when the started.   The Panda Bear had only weekends off for about a year and a half.   She literally wanted to kiss the ground when she was able to her first weekday off.  The world seemed so much quieter on a weekday.   It was like looking at a whole new world.    The Panda Bear would see different types of people walking the streets in the middle of the day  than a weekend.

The Panda Beat does most of her chores(cooking for the week, laundry, grocery shopping and some cleaning) during the weekend.   She does not feel like doing them after work during the week(actually, she does most of her socializing during the week days after work)/  In all fairness, she can get some rest on the weekend.  However, to have a full day of fun, she needs to have a three day weekend.  

As the Panda Bear returns to work, she knows she should be glad to have a full-time job with so many people being unemployed.   However, as the Pand, she feels that her leisure time is too short.

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