Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Panda Bear on the Boston Marathon Tragedy and Written Verbal Warnings

The past few weeks have been more busy than usual for the Panda Bear.   There has been some illnesses and a death in the Panda Bear's family.    Some of the time the Panda Bear has been run down with the cold.   The Panda Bear makes no claim that during this time that she was exercising properly or that her apartment was clean.   She was so busy her resolve to keep in kitchen sink shiny has gone down the drain.  Her life is in total disorder.   Therefore, this blog post will be very short.

The Panda Bear was lived in the area that was in lockdown(told not to go out of  their house) when the Boston area police was chasing suspect number two in the Boston Marathon shooting.   The Panda Bear was not close enough to either the bombing or the chasing of the suspect to be scared for herself.   However, she was frightened during the attacks of September 11, 2001 when she was working in the city of Boston.

Though she had no personal connection to either of the suspects, the Panda Bear feels sad that the younger brother turned against the United States.   The Panda Bear believes that the younger brother experienced the United States at its most tolerant, welcoming and generous self.   She was hearing several Americans citizens by birth complain that either they had or they knew other needy US citizens who applied for the kinds assistance that the suspect and his family received but they could not get it.

In addition, during the beginning of April the Panda Bear received a verbal warning from her supervisor at work which was then written up to be put in the Panda Bear's personnel file.   The Panda Bear went to see Human Resources about the warning.

The Panda Bear asked Human Resources if the warning was verbal why was something written put into her personnel file.  The Human Resources representative explained that what the supervisor was doing was writing down that she gave the Panda Bear a verbal warning.

This was not the first time that the Panda Bear received a verbal warning that was in writing in her work life.  In her twenty-five year work history, on two separate occasions the Panda Bear received a verbal warning which was then put in writing.   On both these occasions, the Panda Bear thought the supervisor was lying to her by saying the warning was verbal since the supervisors had put something down in writing which was to be put in the Panda Bear's personnel file.

Is it asking too much of US industry to make verbal warnings purely verbal so it does not hit the employee's personnel file?   Or if the management feels like it needs to document everything to come up with different levels of written warnings?   Is the Panda Bear the only employee to feel that her supervisor has lied to her by telling her the warning was verbal and the putting something in writing?

Anyway, one thing the Panda Bear was reprimanded for was being too creative in the decor of her desk.   The Panda Bear took down some colorful cloth hangings from her cubicle.   However, before the reader becomes too judgemental about the way the Panda Bear keeps her desk, please note that many people have signs on their desk about the importance of keeping calm including her supervisor.   Apparently a lot of people at the Panda Bear's job feel under high amounts of stress and indicate it bywhat they have around their work space.

Another time the Panda Bear received a written verbal warning was when she called the managers of ganization communists in an e-mail.   Apparently, in the opinion or her manager at the time that was the worst thing the Panda Bear could have called her superiors(what the Panda Bear meant is that the managers treated good workers and bad workers alike with no incentives for the employees to put in extra effort).  

Dear readers-learn from the Panda Bear's mistakes.   Never call your managers communists unless your managers think being a communist is a good thing(remember the Panda Bear Blog is an international blog and it has a Russian readership).

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Panda Bear on the 2nd Anniversary of her Blog and the Lost Art of Day Dreaming

The Panda Bear Blog will be shortly celebrating its second anniversary.   It is a blog about a lowly, confused US office worker (who is the Panda Bear) dealing with the corrupt oligarchy that seems to control the United States.    The Panda Bear is intensely critical of the fast pace of modern life.   In addition she hates household chores.
 The Panda Bear’s wrote her first blog post on 4/11/2011.   Since that time, the Panda Bear Blog has had 13.310 page views with subscribers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France and Germany.

Below is a listing of page views of The Panda Bear Blog broken down by country:
United States           8507
Germany                  861
Bulgaria                   855
Russia                     384
United Kingdom     297
Spain                      205
India                       153
Canada                   133
France                    96
Philippines             75

From this viewing statistics, it becomes apparent that the internet is really the World Wide Web.   The Panda Bear is surprised how high the page views are from countries for whom English is not a first language.   Canada is number 7 in terms of page views; the Panda Bear would have thought Canada would be number two or three in number of page views since it is near the US and shares a similar culture.
The Panda Bear Blog has also had its setbacks.   The most noticeable set back was that she was thrown out of the Google Adsense program for “invalid clicking activity” though the Panda Bear maintains she did not personally authorize any invalid clicking.   Google Adsense is a pay for click advertising program where the blogger makes money every time someone clicks on an advertisement.   The blogger is not supposed to click on advertisements on his/her own site or encourage other people to click on ads on his/her site because it is considered a form a fraud.   Fortunately there are competing ad networks the Panda Bear can join.   Competition is good in the economy because if one has problems with one organization/company/person there are alternatives available.

The Panda Bear personally had one major setback since starting her blog in that her father (Father Panda) died in June 2012 at the age of 89.  Otherwise the Panda Bear’s personal life has been as tedious and ordinary as ever.   The poor economy is making job change difficult.   The Panda Bear has to spend more of her personal time on dreaded home chores and repair.   The poor condition of her apartment is getting on the Panda Bear’s nerves and she is resolved to get things done at her apartment even if it eats into her highly limited time after work.   Is there more to living then sitting at a desk all day and do home chores at night?
The Panda Bear was trying to find ways to fight boredom without internet surfing the internet which can be rude and look bad at work.   Thirty years ago the Panda Bear had a higher tolerance for routine when there was no internet.    The Panda Bear many years ago had a rich inner life.    She was able to keep herself entertained with her thoughts.  The Panda Bear thinks she has lost some of this ability in this digital age.

When things are dull, the Panda Bear wants to be able to reconstruct her ability to go on autopilot and escape into the inner depths of her mind.    The Panda Bear thinks mental escapism is underrated in modern times.