Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Panda Bear on Work and Leisure

The Panda Bear believes that Americans undervalue leisure.   She thinks often the number of work hours could be brought down without loss of productivity.   She thinks leisure can be highly productive.   The Panda Bears defines leisure as being the things one wants to do as opposed to the things one has to do.   Often she thinks the tasks work and leisure can be very similar.   However, the difference is that work is something that one is done because it a requirement and a leisure activity is done by choice.

The Panda Bear notices she feels very differently about doing something when she wants to do it as opposed to when she has voluntarily decoded to it.   People are sometimes surprised how much the Panda Bear has recently complained about doing some things and the Panda Bear believes the source of her complaints is that these tasks are expected of her rather than her free will offering.

Also the Panda Bear has noticed sometimes the more work someone does the more it is expected of them.

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