Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Panda Bear's Guilty Pleasure-Abba on YouTube

5/1/2011"Money, Money,Money"

Another Abba video the Panda Bear likes on YoutTube is "Money, Money,Money".  She has come to agree with the song that it is a rich man's world.

Posted 4/20/2011
The Panda Bear finally has come out to admit she likes Abba. She remembers them from originally the nineteen seventies and liked them then but was too embarrassed to admit it. Recently through a friend in Facebook she has discovered Abba videos on YouTube. It wasn't until recently that the Panda Bear knew what the group looked like. She finds it is interesting the contrast between in styles between the two female lead singers Agnetha (the blond) and Anni-Frid (more commonly known as Frida who is auburn haired.). Perhaps because the Panda Bear has chestnut colored hair she has a slight preference for Frida.

While "Head over Heels" does not show Frida at her best it is funny.

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