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Our Reviews
"Very nice blog page. I'll be back!"

"This is a very good site, and a bear-lovers paradise!!Thanks."

"Wonderful Blog ,Can hang on to for a long while"

"Good site with some usful info and nice pictures"

"This was a very impresssive blog. I enjoyed reading the views you posted here. I loved the picture of the panda."

"Interesting to see a panda's view. Ha Ha."

"muy buen blog personal. felicidades y mucha suerte!"

"Panda bear indeed lives a very busy observatory life.How true of so many senior members of the community that have a wealth of knowledge and observation skills"

" cool blog with a good look, i bookmarked it"

"Interesting site abotu Panda Bear perceptive observer with good presentation n easy to understand"

"very cute blog written, I believe, by her "alter-ego", I love that it is being written this way."

" Nice blog with a good look, i bookmarked it and shared it using bookmarking sites."

"Even if there's a tendency to express everything in the third person vis-a-vis post content, not to mention its using basic templated design, I acknowledge such is a rather impressive-looking such. Witness especially what amounts to a stock photo of a panda bear as "leaps out" at the visitor on so arriving."

"excellent site, well written articles with good understanding"

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