Monday, October 24, 2016

The Panda Bear obtains a New Job, Russia and Globalism

As readers of The Panda Bear Blog know, the Panda Bear Blog was looking for work after attending a training program.    The Panda Bear is pleased to inform her readers that she has found a new humble office position,   This piece of information makes the Panda Bear feel that the official statistics were correct and unemployment is improving in Massachusetts.    Since the Great Recession the Panda Bear mistrusts the official statistic; she is convinced all what the financial interests who control this country would be quite happy with high unemployment as long as the stock market was doing alright and inflation was low.

Like many Americans, the Panda Bear feels burnt out by this election...    She is frustrated by major role the social issues play in the elections when major issues of US' security is at stake.   Furthermore, she is tired of the US major parties having the same arguments about the social issues year after year.

However, The Panda Bear feels very depressed that some US politicians seem to be so anxious to have a confrontation with Russia when the welfare is of the US is not directly involved.    How many wars can the US fight at once?

The Panda Bear is no lover of Russia or the former Soviet Union.   She has met when the Soviet Union was still strong Russian communists and she hated them.    She also felt they were totally dishonest and highly manipulative.   However, after 9/11, the Panda Bear felt somewhat nostalgic for the old Cold War,    The USSR did not seem to be bent on self-destruction to further their goals. .   Furthermore, despite all its shortcomings, the USSR did seem to want on some level to be a "modern”, "civilized" country. In some parts of the world, much of the population seems not to pay even lip service to what Americans think of as being modern society.

It also ironic that the US party that now favors confrontation with Russia is the Democratic Party which used to be the more pro conciliation with the former USSR is now more hawk like than the Republicans in this respect. .   Furthermore, Hillary Clinton herself is old enough to remember when the Democratic Party was the party of moderation concerning the former Soviet Union.

What stressful times we live in now.