Monday, May 30, 2011

The Panda Bear on Suing her Town, Part One

In the United States, it is Memorial Day weekend, a three day weekend where some Americans will honor the war dead.  It is also considered to be the first weekend of the summer.

The Panda Bear is trying to be upbeat and not mind that so much of the weekend will be catching up on chores.   She and Mr. Panda got their hair cut and they went to a thrift store and bought some second hand clothes(The Panda Bear is Ms. Cheapo and can get some good buys second hand clothes).   Clothes shopping is something that the Panda Bear sees as a chore since she feels her free time is limited but might enjoy it if she were retired and had money.

However, let us get to the main object of the post.  As some readers may know, the Panda Bear broke her wrist on slipping on the ice this winter.   This winter was very bad in the Boston area and the Panda Bear knows at least five other people who injured themselves because of the snow.   Interestingly enough these injuries occurred very near where the people lived so traveling long distances was not an issue in causing these injuries.    The Panda Bear on February 1, slipped on a hill when she was leaving work on a bad snow day.  Her work did not let the work out early but because she lived in the town where she worked she believed the commute was not an issue.  

The hill she fell on is very heavily travelled, very slippery and hardly ever plowed for the snow.  The Panda Bear found out after she fell that this strip of land was maintained by the town.   She has gotten a lawyer to make a monetary claim against the town for a slip and fall accident and she will sue the town if they refuse to come to a settlement.

The focus of this post  will be on the pain and suffering issues around falls and injuries(In fact, the Panda Bear will be shortly discussing with her lawyer her pain and suffering and trying to come up with a monetary amount of her suffering).   Though the Panda Bear is doing better and out of both a cast and a splint, she feels she is still recovering from the injury.  She has gotten used to working at a slower pace and still feels it is as still an effort to do certain things.   She has a new respect for people who have experienced more difficult traumas and difficult the work can be to recuperate to recover from an injury.   The Panda Bear is fortunate in that she was able to go back to work(though on a reduced schedule) and not lose any pay.

Her injury impaired her ability to do things at home and prepare food.   She was surprised how moody she got during her injury but the being in a cast effects the ability to eat, sleep and exercise.   She is used to going to the YMCA to swim and do Yoga but she was not able to these activities and her overall fitness level and energy has declined.  She has found that many people who injury their wrist, arm, or shoulder injury their good side form overuse.   The Panda Bear developed trigger finger in both of her thumbs from overuse(fortunately,it getting better).   The Panda Bear is not asking for her readers sympathy but for them to feel that there is some human suffering when public safety is not properly maintained.

The town where the Panda Bear lives and works is not poor.   The town requires both residents and business to shovel the walk areas in front of their areas and enforces these regulations with a heavy hand.  However, the town does not follow its own requirements.  The hill that the Panda Bear fell is a very heavily trafficked area.  The Panda Bear knows of one other person who fell and slipped on that hill on the ice in a previous winter who also broke her wrist.

In her next post on Monday(she will post on another matter on Thursday), the Panda Bear will ask why does government get away with imposing rules on people but does not follow them itself.  She will discuss the apathy and fear she has found in getting the town to do its job of proper snow maintenance in a country that supposedly is the freest country in the world.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Panda Bear on Stresses of Modern Life

The Panda Bear took a stress management course tonight where she worked.   The Panda Bear is in what modern times the medical profession  would call an anxious person.   However, the Panda Bear prefers the earlier medical term "Neurasthenia" which meant nervous exhaustion to the term anxiety.   When the Panda Bear gets nervous she will feel overwhelmed with things she has to do and no time to do it.   She has learned to say no to certain activities and work at a slower pace.  

The Panda Bear Blog was a recent source of anxiety to the Panda Bear.   She started it on impulse about two months ago as a hobby.  While she enjoys learning about blogging, she feels overwhelmed about all the things she has to learn.   Experts give different kinds advise on how to write blogs.  She panics at not having a clear enough blog focus.  On some intellectual level, the Panda Bear knows her fears are irrational.  It would not be tragic if her blog were a failure and no one read it.

Blogging is an example of how technology can creates new forms of stress.  Before blogging, there was no blogging anxiety.  

Technology can also creates stress is that it increases the pace of modern life.   One of the Panda Bear's favorite books on stress was written in 1881 called American nervousness : its causes and consequences, a supplement to Nervous exhaustion (neurasthenia) (1881) written by neurologist called George Beard.  He described how the telegraph, light bulb, pocket watch and newspaper were making life more stressful for Americans.  George Beard makes the telegraph seem very much like the world wide web of the nineteenth century.  He states:

The telegraph is a cause of nervousness the po-
tency of which is little understood. Before the
days of Morse and his rivals, merchants were far
less worried than now, aud less business was trans-
acted in a given time ; prices fluctuated far less
rapidly, and the fluctuations which now are trans-
mitted instantaneously over the world were only
known then by the slow communication of sailing
vessels or steamships ; hence we might wait for
weeks or months for a cargo of tea from China,
trusting for profit to prices that should follow their
arrival ; w^hereas, now, prices at each port are known
at once all over the globe. This continual fluctua-
tion of values, and the constant knowledge of those
fluctuations in every part of the world, are the
scourges of business men, the tyrants of trade —
every cut in prices in wholesale lines in the smallest
of any of the Western cities, becomes know^n in less
than an hour all over the Union ; thus competition
is both diffused and intensified. Within but thirty
years the telegraphs of the world have grown to
half a million miles of line, and over a million
miles of wire — or more than forty times the circuit
of the globe. In the United States there were, in
1880, 170,103 miles of line, and in that year 33,155,991
messages w^ere sent over them.

Sometimes, The Panda Bear  finds the modern 24 hour news cycle stressful.   When the news gets to be too sad she has to turn it off.   George Beard described how the daily newspaper made life more stressful for people in the nineteenth century.   He states.

Little account has been made of the fact that
the old world is small geographically. The ancient
Greeks knew only of Greece and the few outside
barbarians who tried to destroy them. The dis-
covery of America, like the invention of printing,
prepared the way for modern nervousness; and, in
connection with the telegraph, the railway, and the
periodical press increased a hundred-fold the dis-
tresses of humanity.

The sorrows of any part of the world, many
times greater geographically than the old world
as known to the ancients, through the medium of .
the press and the telegraph are made the sorrows of
individuals everywhere.

The burning of Chicago — a city less than half a
century old, on a continent whose existence was un-
known a few centuries ago — becomes in a few hours
the property of both hemispheres, and makes heavy
drafts on the vitality not only of Boston and New
York, but of London, Paris, and Yienna. With
the extension and complexity of populations of the
globe, with the rise and growth of nations and peo-
ples, these local sorrows and local horrors become
daily occasions of nervous disorders.

Our morning newspaper, that we read with our
breakfast, has the history of the sorrows of the whole
world for a day ; and a nature but moderately sym-
pathetic is robbed thereby, consciously or uncon-
sciously, of more or less nervous strength.

The Panda Bear is not a Luddite.   She loves the computer.   She thinks that people should be aware that technology "improvements" can be making life more fast-paced.

The Panda Bear on the Typewriter

The Panda Bear likes the typewriter. At the risk of dating herself, her first job was typing insurance forms for a major insurance company which she did for three and a half years (talk about routine job). However, she got a lot of awards and promotions for this work made her feel good about very good about herself even though the job was routine.

She was using the typewriter today at work to complete the form. It made her feel so nostalgic completing forms on a typewriter!! There is one typewriter in the office. People were making fun of her at work for using such an obsolete device. However, it is still not possible to word process all forms. The Panda Bear has terrible handwriting and thinks some forms still look more professional when they are typed. Also for people who are good at typing, it is much faster to type then to hand write. (The Panda Bear knows some people who can do sixty words per minute on the old fashioned manual typewriter). She wishes offices had more typewriters.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Panda Bear Blog on the Panda Bear

The Panda Bear has gotten more nervous about her blog in reading about blogging.   When she started the blog, her goal was to emulate some great writers and essayists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (i.e. Franklin, Blake, Swift, Poe, Washington Irving) who wrote in a variety of styles.   Actually, some of the like modern bloggers “self published”.

However, the Panda Bear has been reading that to attract readers her blog must attract a “niche”.  The closest type of blog that the Panda Bear Blog aspires to be like are the mothers’ blogs.  However, the Panda Bear is not a mother nor will she ever be one.  Also,  she is also not very domestic.    What the Panda Bear likes about the “mother’s blogs” is that they can be very general and cover different aspects of life.  

Instead the Panda Bear aspires to be an “office blogger” or the average working person working some variation of working nine to five in an office.   She feels the voices of these people are not heard because they don’t have much time to write.  

When the Panda Bear decided to call her blog “The Panda Bear Blog”, it was in part because the author wanted to remain anonymous.  However, a big reason she decided to call herself the Panda Bear was that the Panda Bear was an alter ego for writer.   The Panda Bear is in some ways a real person but in some ways she represents the average person struggling with life.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Panda Bear on Wars to Spread Democracy

The Panda Bear is a believer in the innate wisdom and dignity of most common people.   She will test her belief that the average person is capable about seeking profound truths by blogging about deep issues of war, peace and the human condition while other news organizations and bloggers deal with Schwarzenegger’s(the former Governor of the state of California) marriage break-up.    The Panda Bear heard on the radio someone stating that given the choice most people would chose celebrity gossip news over news about the war in Afghanistan.   This commentator was not speaking about the discerning and intelligent readers of the Panda Bear Blog!!!

The Panda Bear remembers learning in college two conflicting theories of why nations fight war.  One motivation was primarily to preserve the national interest(including economic security).  The other theory of wars is that they are religious in nature  and this includes the idea that wars are for spreading “civilization” to others.

Many people would argue that the cold war was religious in nature and communism was a form of religion. The Soviet Union invaded other countries(including Afghanistan) it imposedv its ideas of civilization its ideology on the countries it invaded.  

Many Westerners are quick to recognize religious natures of wars in the East.    However, Westerners are quick to forget the Western world has justified wars and invasions for the reason of  religion including the spreading of Christianity.   Also the West has justified invading other countries for the reason of spreading civilization.     There is the argument that Romans and the French. under Napoleon, brought to the countries they invaded a more “advanced” form of civilization.    The Spanish believed when they invaded parts of the Americas they bringing the the indigenous peoples are higher form of culture and religion.

The Panda Bear believes that wars to spread democracy is the West’s new version of justifying wars because they “spread civilization”.     The Panda Bear believes that countries should be choosing democracy on their own free will.  It a contradiction  to hold a gun to a country to “force”  them to choose freedom.
There is also an inherent conflict of interest in wars to spread civilization and the other justification of war that it is it to protect the national interest.    No matter how benevoplent the intentions are of the dominant country, the country in power probably does set up the rules to its advantage.     The US has through covert operations(i.e Allende in Chile) undermined democracies that went against what the US perceived as its interest.

In short, the Panda Bear believes the only justification for war is self-defense.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Panda Bear on the Filter Bubble

The Panda Bear had planned on taking a break from the blogosphere and not publish until Thursday. (Right now the Panda Bear just plans on publishing on Mondays and Thursdays).    However, she heard on the radio Eli Pariser speak about his new book “The Filter Bubble” on  The Diane Rehm Show .

The Panda Bear felt it important for her readers to know about Pariser’s claim that big internet companies such as Google and Facebook filter what each user sees on the web based on what the user has clicked on in the past.  Eli Pariser is the former Executive Director of MoveOn.Org.  He was stated that users are not always aware of the filtering that occurs when the internet gets used.

The Panda Bear noticed she was missing many feeds from Facebook.   She noticed she gets more feeds when she clicks on the Most Recent Feeds on top of her Facebook page rather than the Top News.  The Panda Bear was also not aware that different people get different results from Google for the same search based on what Google knows about each user based on the user’s past usage and what he/she has click on before.

The link the Panda Bear posted has some suggestions about how to secure user privacy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Panda Bear on the Weekends

As she returns to the working world, the Panda Bear has several observations to make about the weekend.

The first observation the Panda Bear wishes to make about the weekends is that they are too short.   The Panda Bear often jokes that if she were a demagogue and wanted to seize power by bribing the masses, she would promise  to add an extra day to the weekend while giving the workers the same pay.  Mr. Panda(the Panda Bear’s husband) remarked the economy would fall apart if this was implemented.   However, the Panda Bear would like to point out that the US economy is in a mess-would a three day weekend make it any worse?

The second observation the Panda Bear would lime to make is that one can’t get all take care of all personal business during the weekends.   Workers who work some version of Monday through Friday from nine to five will offen need to take time off from work to do such things as see physicians, do banking business, and having furniture delivered.   This taking off work time for such matters depletes US workers of their very limited amount of vacation time.

The third observation the Panda Bear would like to make is that the there are more crowds outside during the weekends then weekdays.  Once Panda Bear started a new job that gave people very vacation time when the started.   The Panda Bear had only weekends off for about a year and a half.   She literally wanted to kiss the ground when she was able to her first weekday off.  The world seemed so much quieter on a weekday.   It was like looking at a whole new world.    The Panda Bear would see different types of people walking the streets in the middle of the day  than a weekend.

The Panda Beat does most of her chores(cooking for the week, laundry, grocery shopping and some cleaning) during the weekend.   She does not feel like doing them after work during the week(actually, she does most of her socializing during the week days after work)/  In all fairness, she can get some rest on the weekend.  However, to have a full day of fun, she needs to have a three day weekend.  

As the Panda Bear returns to work, she knows she should be glad to have a full-time job with so many people being unemployed.   However, as the Pand, she feels that her leisure time is too short.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Panda Bear on the Office Kitchen

The Panda Bear has two observations about the kitchen in her office. One is that wherever she stands seems to be the place that everyone needs to be at that point in time.  Her second observation is that while other people seem to be able to leave things cooking in the microwave unattended, the few times the Panda Bear tried to do it with her food, her food explodes from being overheated. Therefore, the Panda Bear is forced to watch her food heat up in the microwave.
The Panda Bear has dreams about writing a cookbook for the office and calling it something like “The Office Chief”. It would be about what can be prepared in the office kitchen using a can opener, frozen food, toaster oven and a microwave. It would include such recipes for which the Panda Bear has received much compliments for at work such as her soup where she puts canned wax beans into canned minestrone soup and everyone thinks it is homemade. Perhaps this is a subject for Panda Bear to discuss in her blog.
People leave food that they don’t want to eat in the kitchen. Often sweets are left there. The Panda Bear has left food that she regards as fattening for other people to eat. Once someone gave her a cheese basket which she did not want to eat because the food was very rich. She left it out for other people to eat and everyone thought she was being so generous.
However, the Panda Bear has to be careful of food in the Office Kitchen. She ate a vegetable wrap she found in the kitchen which was left over from a catered lunch. She thought this item would be a relatively healthy item. However, when she looked up the item on the caterer’s web site she found the wrap to have 700 calories. The Panda Bear has learned restaurants can be tricky about food and calories. Many foods one would think are low calorie turn out to be high calorie. Probably all that added fat is what makes the restaurant food seem good.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Panda Bear on the History of Native Americans and Harvard.

The Panda Bear finds it depressing all the news about the war on terror that has been constantly on the news since bin Laden’s death.  Again, she is glad he was caught but is getting tired of hearing about it 24/7 on the news.

She wanted to share this peaceful story about a Wampanoag Indian graduating from Harvard College she found in the Boston Globe.

The Panda Bear finds the history between Harvard University and the Native American/Indian population interesting and something that she was not aware of growing up in the Boston Area.

As an adult, the Panda Bear has found the history of the Native Americans in Massachusetts fascinating and it was not something that was taught in the public schools when she was a child growing up.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Panda Bear requests the US Goverment Restore Woolworth's

Originally written in 2009
We live in a time where government is either running or bailing out private industry. It bailed out many financial institutions and has taken over the running of GM and Chrysler auto. In addition it is attempting to either control or reform (depending on one’s perspective) health care.

In the spirit of government involvement of what was once viewed as private industry, the Panda Bear proposes that the government bring back  Woolworth’s. Woolworth’s is both a vital and symbolic part of the US economy. Where else but Woolworth’s could one buy pets, buttons, home decorations, clothes, small electronics and pots in one store? It was an anchor store for many urban areas which have deteriorated since Woolworth’s has closed.

Furthermore, Woolworth’s has a major place in US history. There is the Woolworth’s building. To integrate the Woolworth’s lunch counter was an early goal of the civil rights movement. The founder of Woolworth’s rose from rags to riches. His daughter, Barbara Hutton , was the perfect example poor little rich girl. Woolworth’s is integral part of US culture and economy which the US government should preserve.

The Panda Bear doesn’t know if the government should be involved in bailing out AIG or GM. But considering the unique history and role of Woolworth’s, the Panda Bear thinks the government should restore Woolworth’s.

The Panda Bear Misreads the Number of Her Subscribers

The Panda Bear needs to apologize to her readers.   She has fewer than 43 subscribers.     Yesterday she figured out how to use a program called Feedburner to get the number of readers that subscribed to her posts.   However, she added the total number of subscribers every day together which she should not have done.  Her total number of subscribers is the total for the day.    The Panda Bear is very glad to get any subscribers.
The Panda Bear can use tracking software to see various characteristics of her readers.  Right now the Panda Bear can see what countries her visitors are from and what operating systems her visitors use.   She can see what from web sites visitors found her blog.   Also she can find out what search words visitors used on search engines to get to her site.  
The Panda Bear is hoping to activate software that can tell her how many visitors are new and how many are returning viewers.    It is amazing what tracking software can do.   As the Panda Bear is discovering,  Blogging involves a combination of creative and technical skills.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Panda Bear will be Modifying The Panda Bear Blog Design

The Panda Bear has just figured out how to group blog entries according to subject.   Therefore instead of one long post according to topic, she will have shorter posts which are grouped by topic.

The Panda Bear Blog Now as Subscribers!!!

The Panda Bear found it very impressive and feels both proud and humble to discover that she has 43 subscribers to her Blog.  

Thank you readers!!!!

The more she blogs she finds there is both a technical and literary aspect to bloggin which she has to master.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Panda Bear on Work and Leisure

The Panda Bear believes that Americans undervalue leisure.   She thinks often the number of work hours could be brought down without loss of productivity.   She thinks leisure can be highly productive.   The Panda Bears defines leisure as being the things one wants to do as opposed to the things one has to do.   Often she thinks the tasks work and leisure can be very similar.   However, the difference is that work is something that one is done because it a requirement and a leisure activity is done by choice.

The Panda Bear notices she feels very differently about doing something when she wants to do it as opposed to when she has voluntarily decoded to it.   People are sometimes surprised how much the Panda Bear has recently complained about doing some things and the Panda Bear believes the source of her complaints is that these tasks are expected of her rather than her free will offering.

Also the Panda Bear has noticed sometimes the more work someone does the more it is expected of them.

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Panda Bear on Reality vs. Fantasy

The Panda Bear thinks we live in a fact oriented world.   Witness  the success of  "Reality" TV(even though they say people act differently in front of the camera) and that the market for nonfiction books is superior to the market for fiction(even though some best-selling nonfiction books turn out to be works of fiction).   The Panda Bear thinks may humans should just face it-reality is hard to take untouched.

The Panda Bear proudly salutes the human imagination.   She found this interesting quote:

Dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you imagine it.~George Lucas

Posted  4/8/2011
The Panda Bear spent the first half of her life trying to become more realistic.   She felt disappointed that the reality was not up to the dream.  However, now Panda Bear can find reality a bit dreary.   The economy is bad and the US is at war.    She feels a need for some escapism.

The Panda Bear has also come to the conclusion the dreams and fantasies can enrich reality.   Dreams can inspire and motivate us.  It can give us a vision and a goal for the future.    The Panda Bear confesses that some of the stupid television shows of her childhood did shape her life goals sometimes in a positive way and exposed her to new ways of thinking.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Panda Bear on Royal Wedding

Search for jewelry diamonds

Like many women of the world, the Panda Bear saw Britain’s royal wedding and had dreams of becoming royalty.  Only the Panda Bear does not dream of one day becoming Queen of England but Queen of France.  You say there is no Queen of France.   How does the Panda Bear in fantasy become Queen of France?  See below on how the Panda Bear becomes Queen of France in her fantasy.

The Panda Bear wants it known that she does not support the concept of monarchy.  She thinks it reinforces the idea that some people are superior to others.   On her one visit to Great Brittan, she grew to better understand what the USA's founder father's were rebelling against in the British class system.   If she were British probably would be boycotting the wedding because she does not think public money should go to this event .

 However, being a woman in the United States(she has heard that people in the US are more excited about the wedding than they are in Great Britain probably be people in the US are not paying for it), she could not help but pick up some of the excitement of the wedding.   Here is the story of a commoner marrying a prince!!!  It was a hot topic at the Panda Bear's place of work.  

The Panda Bear did her politically correct duty of stating that being a member of the British royal family was probably like being a prisoner in palace.  Their life seems totally controlled and they have no real power.   She said probably the happiest person  would be William if the monarchy was abolished.  

However, the Panda Bear believes if she had played her cards right she could have been royalty.  The Panda Bear discussed her missed opportunity to marry the royalty with a coworker.    (One the coworker thought that it was still not too late for the Panda Bear to become a Queen.   Indeed, upon reflection the Panda Bear recalled two middle-aged and married women who became close to becoming Queen of England in the twentieth century.   Camilla was a married woman when she married Prince Charles.  More significantly, the was America's own Wallis Simpson, who nearly became Queen of England and caused Edward to abdicate as King.    However, the Panda Bear is a happily married woman who does not think it is nice to divorce Mr. Panda even in fantasy.)

The time the Panda Bear believes she lost her chance to marry royalty came when she was in college before she met Mr. Panda.   Like Kate Middleton, there was an actual Prince going to a nearby college when the Panda Bear was in college.   When the Panda Bear was going to Mount Holyoke college, Prince Albert of Monaco was going to Amherst College which was very near Mount Holyoke.  When the Panda Bear was in college it was every woman's dream to meet Prince Albert.  At that time he was very good looking and had very good manners.   Actually, the Panda Bear saw him in person several times.  Once she was in a museum alone in a room with him.  He was sort of looking at her.   Instead of coming up to him and making some conversation with him the Panda Bear got embarrassed and left the room.    It was at that moment that the Panda Bear  believes she blew her chance of marrying royalty.

However, in her fantasy, the Panda Bear speaks to Prince Albert and ends up marrying him.  Once she marries Prince Albert, she leads Monaco on its path to its rightful place as being the main power in Europe.  France is always threatening to take over Monaco.   The Panda Bear would tell the French that they should really become part of Monaco.  She would offer to help other deposed royalty get their kingdoms back.   Now that Europe has no capital punishment she would not have to worry about being executed as previous Queens of France have been.     Once the Panda Bear seizes power she would rule in some combination of the style of Catherine the Great and Elizabeth the First of England.   The Panda Bear would be satisfied in being the dominant power in contenental Europe.   Great Britain could still rule the waves.  As a former US, citizen the Panda Bear would respect the Monroe doctrine and not interfere with USA policy in the Americas.  However, if the French Canadians wished to become part of France she would not stop them.
The more the Panda Bear thinks about it the more appealing it seems to become the Queen of France rather become  the Queen of England.  The French have the superior reputation for elegance and good taste then the English.   All the women in the US feel sorry for the women in England and the funny hats they have to wear.   While Kate Middleton seems like a very nice person, she has had to make her personal and professional life ultra respectable to marry William.  Furthermore, the Panda Bear has read that Kate Middleton worries about William being unfaithful to her.

The Panda Bear has always heard that the French had a different sense of morality that the English.   While France has not had a queen for a long while, she assumes the current First Lady of France would look and act much like the French would expect their Queen to act.   Carla Bruni France’s first lady seems to be very much her own person and does not seem to be in any way a victim.

Thus while others dreams of Kate Middleton, royalty and England, the Panda Bears thinks of Carla Bruni and becoming Queen of France.

The Panda Bear buys a netbook

For years, the Panda Bear wanted inexpensive and portable word processing.   The Panda Bear does not like writing things by hand.    (The Panda Bear’s bad hand writing was another source of sadness to her as a child.  Everyone complained about it. Now she just does everything by typing/computer and is very good at it).  

Since she started a blog(actually, she was thinking of buying one anyway), the Panda Bear bought a netbook  and she loves it.  She feels so important using it in libraries and coffee shops.   It is very easy to take with her and it is inexpensive enough that it would not be a tragedy if it was lost of stolen.

The Panda Bear on Her Bad Memories of Playing Sports at School

However, it was not easy for the Panda Bear being so bad at sports as a child.   She literally could not play volleyball, soft ball, and tennis.   She has never been able to get a volley ball or tennis ball over the net.    When she was little, most people would think it would be fun for the Panda Bear to play these games but for her it was torture.   At about eighteen years of age, the Panda Bear no longer had to play these games but it still was somewhat hard socially for her because a lot of "fun"  social events centered around these games.   At about thirty years old, these games were no longer an issue.
Posted 5/1/2011
The Panda Bear was at a training at work.  She and her partner at the training were asked to pick their worst childhood memories.   The Panda Bear and her coworker both had the same worst experience.   It is being picked last for sports teams in elementary school.  True we were both awful at team sports but we took it as our measure of social status at school and found it humilating at being picked last in front over other children. 

However, we found we both liked walking and swimming and we have done well in adult life. 

We have gotten over being bad at team sports and have found other things we enjoy.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Panda Bear Welcomes her International Readers

The Panda Bear has discovered she has viewers in Canada, Israel, the Netherlands and India.   Welcome to you all and thank you!!!   The Panda Bear also thanks her US viewers.

The Panda Bear is not a well travelled person.   She has lived in Boston, Massachusetts most of her life.   Internationally, she has been to Canada, Ireland and England and that was many years ago.

Since the Panda Bear works full-time and gets about three weeks vacation a year, her ability to travel has been limited in adult life.

However, the Panda Bear sincerely welcomes all viewers and believes that we are all capable of traveling in our minds.   The Panda Bear Blog is not about literal facts.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Panda Bear's Guilty Pleasure-Abba on YouTube

5/1/2011"Money, Money,Money"

Another Abba video the Panda Bear likes on YoutTube is "Money, Money,Money".  She has come to agree with the song that it is a rich man's world.

Posted 4/20/2011
The Panda Bear finally has come out to admit she likes Abba. She remembers them from originally the nineteen seventies and liked them then but was too embarrassed to admit it. Recently through a friend in Facebook she has discovered Abba videos on YouTube. It wasn't until recently that the Panda Bear knew what the group looked like. She finds it is interesting the contrast between in styles between the two female lead singers Agnetha (the blond) and Anni-Frid (more commonly known as Frida who is auburn haired.). Perhaps because the Panda Bear has chestnut colored hair she has a slight preference for Frida.

While "Head over Heels" does not show Frida at her best it is funny.