Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Panda Bear on Her Bad Memories of Playing Sports at School

However, it was not easy for the Panda Bear being so bad at sports as a child.   She literally could not play volleyball, soft ball, and tennis.   She has never been able to get a volley ball or tennis ball over the net.    When she was little, most people would think it would be fun for the Panda Bear to play these games but for her it was torture.   At about eighteen years of age, the Panda Bear no longer had to play these games but it still was somewhat hard socially for her because a lot of "fun"  social events centered around these games.   At about thirty years old, these games were no longer an issue.
Posted 5/1/2011
The Panda Bear was at a training at work.  She and her partner at the training were asked to pick their worst childhood memories.   The Panda Bear and her coworker both had the same worst experience.   It is being picked last for sports teams in elementary school.  True we were both awful at team sports but we took it as our measure of social status at school and found it humilating at being picked last in front over other children. 

However, we found we both liked walking and swimming and we have done well in adult life. 

We have gotten over being bad at team sports and have found other things we enjoy.

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