Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Panda Bear Blog on the Panda Bear

The Panda Bear has gotten more nervous about her blog in reading about blogging.   When she started the blog, her goal was to emulate some great writers and essayists of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (i.e. Franklin, Blake, Swift, Poe, Washington Irving) who wrote in a variety of styles.   Actually, some of the like modern bloggers “self published”.

However, the Panda Bear has been reading that to attract readers her blog must attract a “niche”.  The closest type of blog that the Panda Bear Blog aspires to be like are the mothers’ blogs.  However, the Panda Bear is not a mother nor will she ever be one.  Also,  she is also not very domestic.    What the Panda Bear likes about the “mother’s blogs” is that they can be very general and cover different aspects of life.  

Instead the Panda Bear aspires to be an “office blogger” or the average working person working some variation of working nine to five in an office.   She feels the voices of these people are not heard because they don’t have much time to write.  

When the Panda Bear decided to call her blog “The Panda Bear Blog”, it was in part because the author wanted to remain anonymous.  However, a big reason she decided to call herself the Panda Bear was that the Panda Bear was an alter ego for writer.   The Panda Bear is in some ways a real person but in some ways she represents the average person struggling with life.

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