Friday, May 13, 2011

The Panda Bear on the Office Kitchen

The Panda Bear has two observations about the kitchen in her office. One is that wherever she stands seems to be the place that everyone needs to be at that point in time.  Her second observation is that while other people seem to be able to leave things cooking in the microwave unattended, the few times the Panda Bear tried to do it with her food, her food explodes from being overheated. Therefore, the Panda Bear is forced to watch her food heat up in the microwave.
The Panda Bear has dreams about writing a cookbook for the office and calling it something like “The Office Chief”. It would be about what can be prepared in the office kitchen using a can opener, frozen food, toaster oven and a microwave. It would include such recipes for which the Panda Bear has received much compliments for at work such as her soup where she puts canned wax beans into canned minestrone soup and everyone thinks it is homemade. Perhaps this is a subject for Panda Bear to discuss in her blog.
People leave food that they don’t want to eat in the kitchen. Often sweets are left there. The Panda Bear has left food that she regards as fattening for other people to eat. Once someone gave her a cheese basket which she did not want to eat because the food was very rich. She left it out for other people to eat and everyone thought she was being so generous.
However, the Panda Bear has to be careful of food in the Office Kitchen. She ate a vegetable wrap she found in the kitchen which was left over from a catered lunch. She thought this item would be a relatively healthy item. However, when she looked up the item on the caterer’s web site she found the wrap to have 700 calories. The Panda Bear has learned restaurants can be tricky about food and calories. Many foods one would think are low calorie turn out to be high calorie. Probably all that added fat is what makes the restaurant food seem good.

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