Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Panda Bear on Her Return, Her Day Off and More Job Interviews

The Panda Bear is now back from her summer vacation.   So much has been going on in foreign affairs it is hard for the Panda Bear to stay informed.   However, she continues to say no to an imperial US and thinks the United States needs to focus on its problems at home.

The Panda Bear had an unusually productive last Tuesday.   She had a busy day at work, post a book review, voted in the local elections and watched a television show (The Panda Bear watches TV at most for about three hours a week).   She was in awe of her efficiency.   

Then she came down with a cold and was tired over the weekend.  This Tuesday she took the day off to do errands and she also had (ta-ta)-a job interview.   Furthermore, she was told both by the interviewer and a friend of hers who talked to the interviewer that the Panda Bear did well on the interview; the interviewer liked the Panda Bear's knowledge and personal style.

Of course, the Panda Bear has gone on many interviews recently and they have not led to anything.   However, the Panda Bear has been spending her day drafting her resignation letter- now her favorite piece of writing.

Dear Ms. Boss:

It is with mixed emotions that I am writing to tell you that I have accepted another position.   I am giving you my two weeks’ notice.   My last day of work will be on _____.  My new employer is very anxious to have me start as soon as possible.  I have given careful consideration to making this job change.


Panda Bear

The position in question as well as some other positions the Panda Bear has for would be a pay cut.   The Panda Bear has been reading that salaries have been going down since 2008.     However, the Panda Bear is fortunate in that she can afford to take a pay cut.   She is glad she leads a frugal lifestyle.  The Panda Bear is not taken in with the false promises of happiness that the consumerist society makes.  , The Panda Bear feels it is time for a change and that she needs to learn new skills. (The Panda Bear thinks nowadays people too long in their positions are increased risk of layoffs)  She thinks some companies would offer her a more pleasant work environment.

However, in the unlikely event the Panda Bear gets a new job she will stop writing about her job in her blog.   Whenever, she goes on a job interview she promises herself try to be as happy as possible in her new job and have no expectations of advancement or promotion which has caused problems for her in previous jobs.  

She no longer needs promotion or advancement to feel smart and competent in her life; The Panda Bear has found her passion in the Panda Bear Blog.

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