Friday, May 6, 2016

The Panda Bear bids Au re·voir to her readers for the present.

The Panda Bear will be moving indefinitely to other blogging projects under her real name.   She needs to move in her life.

However, Panda Bear sees many other writers share the anger she has felt.  She encourages other humble bears to hold hands and help each other confront the elite oligarchy.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Panda Bear on Vocational Training and College Education

The Panda Bear Blog is the blog of humble but kindly office worker who wants to reform the world.

As the readers of the Panda Bear Blog know, after a steady work history for twenty years, the Panda Bear lost two office jobs in two years.   She has recently been approved by Massachusetts Department o Unemployment to attend an advance office skills program which includes an internship.

The Panda Bear thinks that job training programs are very much needed nowadays even for people with job skills.   Organizations now want people to be up and fully functioning after the first week the employee starts.   Companies are now running very thin staffed so employees don't have time to train people.  With rising concerns about job security, many workers think that a form of job security is that no one else but you can do your job so they don't want to help other workers.     In additions, it costs money for companies to train people and nowadays employees don't stay long with companies.   When companies train people, they are taking a risk that employee may not be able to do the job.

However, the Panda Bear also thinks companies are being lazy in not training people.    Every company has a unique structure and culture which new employees need to learn.    Probably many employees simply don't know what they are doing and are afraid to ask.    In times of high unemployment jobs go unfilled because workers need a shorter training program.  (Also it is a source of job dissatisfaction for those that are working that the companies don't provide them with training and growth opportunities).

The Panda Bear in Massachusetts is seeing more joint industry and state educational ventures to give people job training that leads to jobs.   For example the Panda Bear is seeing industry-state bank teller training programs; banks used to to training in house but now they want experienced tellers.

The Panda Bear thinks that in the modern environment training is actually more important that "higher education".   Counselors at the Mass Unemployment Office(and from what the Panda Bear agrees from has seen) say that even if people with get college degrees the jobs are there for people with with very narrow skills.

The Panda Bear also thinks that companies not being willing to train people is leading to abuse of the practice of bringing on foreign workers on Visas.   There is no attempt to train Americans even if it is a very minimal training requirement.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Panfa Bear on her Return, Personal Life Update and the Great Recession and the Arts

The Panda Bear Blog will be resuming publication.   The Panda Bear Blog is a blog by written by a humble office worker who is writes against the oligarchy.

During the years of her blog, the Panda Bear has seen a rise in anger against those in power.   The Panda Bear is most proud of the defeat of the plan to hold the Olympics is Boston.   The leaders who opposed the building of the Olympics said this was an example of a grass-roots effort rising against a plan put forth the make the Oligarchy rich.   The Panda Bear was proud to contribute her small social media presence  in opposing the plans to build the Olympics.

On a personal note, the Panda Bear lost her job after having it for a year.   Readers of the Panda Bear Blog will remember that the Panda Bear did not like her previous to last job.   The job the Panda Bear just lost she liked better.   The Panda Bear worked very hard at it and vowed to be totally positive about the job for as long as she had it.    However, hard work and a positive attitude did not stop the Panda Bear from losing her job.

The Panda Bear thinks the economy is in a terrible state-much worse than is mentioned in the news media(maybe because most big news outlets are owned by big business).    However, the Panda Bear finds it interesting that the poor economy is not making much of an appearance in popular culture(i.e movies, TV, fiction).    The book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is the only book recent book the Panda Bear has come across where the economic downturn of 2008 plays a role.   The Panda Bear wonders why the entertainment/popular culture and the arts are so afraid to take on the current economic downturn.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Panda Bear on Work Stress, Personal Stress and Blog Publication.

The Panda Bear Blog will be suspending publication for the summe.   The summer is always a bad time for the Panda Bear Blog.   With the nice days, the Panda Bear does not want write and blog but rather side outside and read(The Panda Bear knows this is a pitaful idea of summer fun).   In addition she faces a very busy job and several personal issues.   Therefore, the Panda Bear Blog will suspend publication until October 1, 2015,