Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

Listed below are the who the Panda Bear is and members of her immediate family:

The Panda Bear -  By day the Panda Bear works full time in a humble office position which she finds routine.  Her job is one of the lowest positions in the office.  She has worked at her job for many years and is considered to be a kind bear and a good worker.    She sees no growth potential in her present job.   In addition, she hates home chores.

At night, the Panda Bear writes her blog.    In her frustration with her job and home chores, the Panda Bear feels that the United States economy should allow people the option to have more leisure to do activities they enjoy.

Mr. Panda -The Panda Bear's husband.   A fellow office worker.

Father Panda - The Panda Bear's father.   He died in 6/2012.   He was a survivor of the US Great depression.   Father Panda loved Franklin Roosevelt and was an ardent supporter of the New Deal.

Mother Panda- The Panda Bear's mother.   She lives near the Panda Bear.

In addition, to the members of her family The Panda Bear has also created two generic management types Ms. Patronizing-and-Nit-Picky and Mr. Might-Is-Right.      These terms do not refer to anyone in particular (like the term quacks for incompetent physicians and shysters for crooked lawyers.).   Both of these executive types exude authority and treat their workers in a condescending manner.   Ms. Patronizing-and-Nit-Picky being a female tends to be more detail oriented.   She is someone who goes into gentle hysterics when she sees one typo on a page though she never does any writing herself.   In contrast Mr. Might-Is-Right being a male uses more force to get his point across.  He constantly tries to win arguments not by truth or logic but by his superior position.   He will say things like "what do you mean that the United States has fifty states not forty-nine-do not I run the show here?" .