Glossary of Terms

Listed below are some terms that the Panda Bear uses in her blog that reader may not know.

Capitalist Propaganda- Information put out by capitalists via different media sources to convey that we are happy with our overly busy lives which we have so we can purchase their products.  It assets the happiest life is that of intense consumerism.  The best life is the one that generates the most measured economics.

Cleanathon – An intensive cleaning event that is scheduled to happen in the Panda Bear’s apartment during the winter/spring 2014.    It is to be followed by a professional house cleaning.

Declaration of Independence from Paid Employment-This principle asserts that the only reason a person is in the paid workforce is for the money.    It asserts that there is no psychological benefit from being in the work paid workforce.  

Eighty Per Center  -An eighty per center is the usual above average worker.   They are competent in their jobs and quite conscientious.

Eustress - A pleasant source of stress.   It keeps life exciting, interesting and challenging.   Without it life gets boring.   Blogging is a source Eustress for the Panda Bear.   It is not pure relaxation but it gives the Panda Bear pleasure to write.

Infinite Wonder - Infinite Wonder is the lowest acceptable type of employee for most managers.   Infinite Wonders combine the best traits of humans, machines and gods with none of their liabilities.   They are experts in everything but will let the superiors take full credit for their work.   Even though Infinite Wonders have never and will never exist it is the goal of every organization to have them in all their positions.

Ninety Eight Per Center -These are the best workers that are humanly possible for the position.   They are the Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowlings of the office.    However for the managers of organizations these workers two per cent failure rate is a source of constant despair.  Even Ninety Eight Per Centers are in danger of getting fired or reorganized out of positions by managers in search of the Infinite Wonder.

Seventy Per Center - A worker who does just enough not to get fired.   These workers do actually more good than harm in their positions so they are worth keeping; however, they do nothing more.   Managers usually treat all workers as Seventy Per centers and the rules of organizations are made with this type of worker in mind.

The Golden Handcuff - It is something similar to a gilded cage.   The Golden Handcuff keeps an employee in his/her current position even though the employee would like to leave.   Usually it is the money and benefits of the job that the employee will have a difficult time finding in another position.  An example of a worker on The Golden Handcuff is a worker who would like to leave his/her organization but can't find another position that pays as much money.  It was a term that used to refer to high level executives who could not move an higher than their current position but since the Great Recession can be used to describe a lot of employees who can't find a position that is as good as their current position.

WOMAC-  The War on Mice and Clutter.  The Panda Bear's apartment had some mice which triggered WOMAC(clutter gives mice a place to hide).   It was modeled after George Bush's Global War on Terror(GWOT).   The problem with mice has been eliminated by getting a cat.   The Panda Bear has not seen a mouse in her apartment for over two years.


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