Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Panda Bear on the Typewriter

The Panda Bear likes the typewriter. At the risk of dating herself, her first job was typing insurance forms for a major insurance company which she did for three and a half years (talk about routine job). However, she got a lot of awards and promotions for this work made her feel good about very good about herself even though the job was routine.

She was using the typewriter today at work to complete the form. It made her feel so nostalgic completing forms on a typewriter!! There is one typewriter in the office. People were making fun of her at work for using such an obsolete device. However, it is still not possible to word process all forms. The Panda Bear has terrible handwriting and thinks some forms still look more professional when they are typed. Also for people who are good at typing, it is much faster to type then to hand write. (The Panda Bear knows some people who can do sixty words per minute on the old fashioned manual typewriter). She wishes offices had more typewriters.

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