Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Panda Bear on the Filter Bubble

The Panda Bear had planned on taking a break from the blogosphere and not publish until Thursday. (Right now the Panda Bear just plans on publishing on Mondays and Thursdays).    However, she heard on the radio Eli Pariser speak about his new book “The Filter Bubble” on  The Diane Rehm Show .

The Panda Bear felt it important for her readers to know about Pariser’s claim that big internet companies such as Google and Facebook filter what each user sees on the web based on what the user has clicked on in the past.  Eli Pariser is the former Executive Director of MoveOn.Org.  He was stated that users are not always aware of the filtering that occurs when the internet gets used.

The Panda Bear noticed she was missing many feeds from Facebook.   She noticed she gets more feeds when she clicks on the Most Recent Feeds on top of her Facebook page rather than the Top News.  The Panda Bear was also not aware that different people get different results from Google for the same search based on what Google knows about each user based on the user’s past usage and what he/she has click on before.

The link the Panda Bear posted has some suggestions about how to secure user privacy.

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