Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Panda Bear on Working for the Money

A major reason that the Panda Bear Blog is an anonymous  blog is that she works full-time in an office to earn money.  The Panda Bear does not want to make the mistake that Heather Armstrong made by writing in too much detail about what is going on at work and getting fired.   However, the Panda Bear Blog will deal with general issues of work from the point of view of the worker.

She finds it interesting that while she has seen blogs by men bloggers who have full-time day jobs, she has seen not any anonymous blogs  by working women.   For both working men and working women, the Panda Bear believes their voice is not always in discussions about the about the economy/business/workplace since  they don’t have time to write.  Barbara Ehnrenreich has some made some good faith efforts to describe the lifestyle of average working people but she herself admits that she does not live this life from day to day.

Tonight the Panda Bear was talking to a friend.   She told the friend that she did not think anyone in her line of work was independently wealthy.   The hours were too long and the work load to high for it too be a job for someone to do just because they wanted to keep busy.   Needing money makes people work harder and take more pressure than they would  if they did not need the money
There is a good and bad for working for the money.   The bad is that it can make people have to accept  poor working conditions.  The good about working for money is that it can be the best motivator to get things done that ever existed.

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