Friday, June 3, 2011

The Panda Bear on Goods from China

The Panda Bear just wanted to add this link from NPR reporting that some high Chinese officials wrote that cyber warfare should be a priority for China.   The Panda Bear wanted to substantiate some people's worries that China was a military threat. 
Originally Posted 5/23/2011
The Panda Bear was looking personal schedule.  She admits she finds it hard to do everything she has to do/wants to do and work full-time.  Now she has to find time to blog including writing her blogs posts, learning about blogging, and reading other blogs.     However, she likes blogging.  Now when people as her what is new in her life instead of saying nothing the Panda Bear can talk about the Panda Bear Blog.

Right now the Panda Bear plans on posting both Mondays and Thursdays with the Monday Post being very short.   Also, the Panda Bear has overcome her fears of spam/negative remarks and has opened all her posts to comments.

Today’s post will be about trade with China.  While at work the Panda Bear heard on the radio about some US officials being concerned about the Chinese providing military help to Pakistan  and this possibly being harmful to the US interests in the area.   The Panda Bear is hearing more and more China possibly being a threat to the US.    

However, this concern about China being a threat to the US has made the Panda Bear wonder why the US buys some so many goods from China.  Obviously, the main reason is that the US buys them is because they are cheap.  The Panda Bear knows some people who wanted to boycott Chinese goods because of they way they treat the workers but they found it impossible to do without Chinese goods.  To buy some goods in the US now, one simply has to get them made in China.

However, the Panda Bear is beginning to think this is a problem that the US relays so much on goods produced by what can be seen as a hostile country to the US.    The Panda Bear therefore proposes that the US government start imposing restrictions on goods from China.   This move would hopefully make the US less dependent on Chinese goods and perhaps help develop US industry.  

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