Monday, June 27, 2011

The Panda Bear on Whitey Bulger and Catherine Greig

As many people know the FBI's most wanted man who was local to Boston.   He was caught last week after being on the run for sixteen years.  They found him with the girlfriend he ran away with Catherine Greig.

What amazes the Panda Bear is that they are still together after sixteen years.   Neither of them seem to be stable in terms of relationships yet they remained together.    While the news has been focusing on Whitey Bulger, the Panda Bear is curious about Catherine Greig.  What is it like to live in a two bedroom apartment with a man who has killed so many people?   The Panda Bear and her husband live in a small apartment and it is very easy to get on each other's nerves-at least Mr. Panda does not have a history of violence.  

The Panda Bear realizes that many women are attracted to "bad men" because they find them exciting.     However, to be attracted to a man who is known to be one of the most violent men in the country seems extreme.   Many people, including the Panda Bear are disappointed that Catherine Greig  right now will only be charged at aiding a fugitive which has a maximum jail sentence of five years.  

Many of the times one  thinks of both of mob girlfriends and people who aid fugitives of being victims of circumstance and not having a full knowledge of the mobsters crime.  This does not seem to be true of Catherine Grieg.   She appears to have had full knowledge of Whitey's crime and was glad to run away with him.   She aided a fugitive from murder consistently for over sixteen years.    Perhaps, if Whitey Bulger committed any crimes while he in hiding , she can be charged for being an accessory to his crimes.

If she has the courage to tell the truth, Catherine Greig's story might be interesting one.

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