Monday, June 6, 2011

The Panda Bear on Suing the Town, #2, Sarah Palin, Blog Updae

The Panda Bear is getting sick of hearing about Sarah Palin when she is a  NOT a presidential candidate.   She heard from a reporter at NPR the reason the press is drooling over Sarah Palin is that they think if she ran for president it would make an interesting news story.   The Panda Bear also read in the book Game Change which was written by two NYT times reporters covering the 2008 elections that the news media does have favorites when  it covers elections. 

The press should feel ashamed of itself.   It should be objective and be reporting for the public good and not be so self promoting.(However, the Panda Bear is quite impressed about what she hears about reporters through  NPR covering the wars.  Some reports really do put their lives in danger to get the "true" story).

The Panda Bear is proud to report that many "experts" on blog writing are wrong when it comes to the readers of the Panda Bear Blog.  These experts say readers want something entertaining and and factual.  However, they are wrong when it comes to the ever discerning and intelligent readers of the Panda Bear Blog.   The Panda Bear Blog's most popular posts are reflective and moody   Therefore, the Panda Bear reverts to back her original idea of being being a general writer in the style of the great writers of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century who happens to use the twenty first century of means of communication of blogging.

As readers of the Panda Bear Blog know, the Panda Bear slipped and fell on the ice and broke her wrist.   Being a typical litigious American, the Panda Bear feels it must be be somone elses fault that she fell.  Furthermore,  She read John Grisham's The Appeal where the novel makes it seem that personal injury lawsuits are critical in preserving freedom and democracy as we know it. Besides there is a small change the Panda Bear might get some money from a lawsuit.    Therefore, she may be suing her town.

The place where the Panda Bear fell was maintained by the town where the Panda Bear lives and works.   It was not widely known that the town was supposed to maintain this area.    It is NEVER shoveled.    It is very slippery there and it is also near some schools, a park for children and public transportation.   Therefore, it is a widely trafficked area and one would think the town would want to have the palce safe for foot traffic.

It was a very bad winter this year.   There was a lot of snow.  The way the laws work in Massachusetts residents and businesses are responsible for shoveling the sidewalks in front of them.   Towns and cities are very heavy handed about enforcing these rules and fining citizens who don't clean there areas.   There have been some complaints by Massachusetts residents that they have cleaned there sidewalks and then the city comes in and throws some snow on their sidewalks and then these citizens are fined for not cleaning their snow.

The Panda Bear joins the world wide revolt against tyrannical government.   Why should towns and cities not follow the same laws and rules they impose on other people?  Don't they exist to protect the citizens that they are supposed to serve?  The Panda Bear has been that that municipalities are harder to sue than other organizations.    She once read once that the reason for this was a legacy of the divine right of kings.    The Panda Bear has increasingly begun to feel that the government can be arrogant and act privileged.

When the Panda Bear fell on the ice, she did not know who maintained the area nor did anyone else who walked over that hill though people constantly complained about it being slippery and dangerous.    As part of her suit, the Panda Bear needed to find out who was responsible for cleaning the area.   The town admitted that it was responsible for cleaning the area and that it was a dangerous section.    The Panda Bear also found in the town web site a section where people could comment about places that needed to have snow removed.

The Panda Bear was all excited when she found out this information.   She thought people who lived and worked in the area would could press the town to keep this area clear of snow and ice.   She mentioned to people who had to go over the hill that she fell areas that the town kept cleaner probably as a result of pressure from nearby institutions.

However, instead the Panda Bear felt she encountered apathy and ,of more concern to the Panda Bear, fear of confronting town authorities.    Here the US is right now fighting three wars to spread democracy and yet its residents of this of supposedly free nation are afraid of asking the town to maintain the public safety which is the one of its basic functions.   The Panda Bear is not afraid to confront the town and ask it to follow the rules that it imposes on other people.    The Panda Bear wants to mention that the town she lives in is not poor and the residents generally support the idea of government services.

A famous local politician said "all politics is local."  The Panda Bear will provide further posts on her efforts on her suit and her efforts to get the town to shovel the hill where she fell.

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