Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Panda Bear on Libya, Clothes Clutter

The Panda Bear is very concerned about the US involvement in Libya and wishes it would end.   She is also worried that the Obama is continuing the war without appropriate Congressional authorization. 

However, the Panda Bear can not do much to stop the US involvement in Libya.   She has always heard that one can not change the world but one can try to change one's self.   The Panda Bear is proud to report she has had some limited success in changing herself.

As the readers of the Panda Bear Blog know, the thing that the Panda Bear hates to do most is household chores.  In addition, she works full-time.   The summer is always the busiest time of year for her paid employment.   So what did she and Mr. Panda do this beautiful spring day of perfect weather to relax from the stresses of life?   They cleaned their apartment.   Today,  the Panda Bear was not cursing and screaming at having to spent her limited free time at doing this dreadful task.    No-the Panda Bear felt grateful that she enjoys good health, has the privilege of owning property and is lucky in this bad economy to have a job.

In the past the Panda Bear would have panic attacks about the state of her apartment and feel overwhelmed.  Now she just feels that she will do what she can do and focuses and cleaning a tiny area and feeling proud at what she can accomplish.  

The task that the Panda Bear feels the most proud of is that she has brought down her clothes clutter and now she does not have more clothes than she can store.   According to the The Happiness Project, this should make the Panda Bear overjoyed.   The Panda Bear does not know if she feels happier person that she has conquered her clothes clutter but she feels more self-disciplined and organized.

It has taken the Panda Bear many years to achieve this clothes equilibrium.   She thinks many women have to learn they they need to discard clothes that fit and are in good condition but don't fit into their current fashion sense.

More remarkably she has taught Mr. Panda to get rid of his old clothes.  When they first got married Mr. Panda did not want to though any old clothes out.   Some how after much heated discussion Mr. Panda had the revelation that life was better without clothes clutter and now  proudly throws his hopelessly stained and torn clothes out.

Next Monday, the Panda Bear will continue her discussion of the domestic life and the "joys" of home ownership.

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