Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Panda Bear on Pandas on the Internet and Food Advertising

Instead of doing housework the Panda Bear is sitting at her computer writing her blog.   The Panda Bear would rather do almost anything rather than clean-see the post The Panda Bear on Housecleaning.

The human Panda Bear did not get to be an Internet TV.   In the future, she will not announce outside projects until after they take place   She now realizes the media can be tough. She apologizes if she inconvenienced any of her readers; she knows how valuable everyone's time is.  Once at work  the Panda Bear was on the telephone with someone from a foreign country.   This person at the end thanked the Panda Bear for her "valued time".   The Panda Bear was very impressed with this thought and wishes more people would be considerate of people's limited time.

However, there are plenty of opportunities to see Panda Bears on the web.  The Panda Bear found this website which has the different web cams of the zoos which have Panda Bears.  The Panda Bear likes the web cams of the San Diego Zoo and the Atlanta Zoo.    The Pandas are so cute!!! They love to eat their vegetables.   In fact, Panda Bears have a much better approach to birthday cakes then humans.   Both the San Diego Zoo and the Atlanta Zoo have videos of Pandas and their birthday cakes.  For their birthday, the Panda Bears will get an ice cake with bamboo shoots and other fruits and vegetables.  The Pandas will eat the fruit and vegetables and instead of eating the cake they will play with their cake.  Just think how much healthier human beings would be if on their birthday they would celebrate by eating fruits and vegetables and using their cake to get exercise!!!

The Panda Bear was reading a book review about the book The Way of the Panda: The Curious History of China's Political Animal.   The book deals with the Wests fascination with the Panda Bear.   There is some speculation the that Westerners like Pandas because they seem a little human like and they have a reputation for gentleness.   The Panda Bear agrees from what she has read about the Panda Bears and seen on the zoo web cameras that they seem for wild animals to be gentle creatures .They were once caniverous but now mostly like to eat plants.   They seem to like to hang out in the forest  eating bamboo.  Furthermore,  they have a short mating season(in other words these are not oversexed animals).

Therefore it bothers the Panda Bear when she goes to the grocery store she sees cereal bars being advertised by using the Panda Bears out from the movie Kung Fu Panda.  These Pandas Bears look mean and tough.   She feels it distorts the true nature of the gentle seeming Panda Bears.   The Panda Bear wonders if Kung Fu Panda shows that we as a culture devalue gentleness(we want our Pandas tough not gentle).

The Kung Fu Panda on food packages in not the only image that the Panda Bear sees on food packages that bother her.   There is a local store that carries alot of products aimed at the Russian  immigrant community where there is a lot of food labels in Russian.  Often the food products have pictures of former Tsars such as Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Elisabeth and the son of the last Tsar,  Alexis.   These images the Panda Bear can kind of understand(the old Tsars-Russian in its old glory days-Alexis died too young to have any impact on Russia).   However, the Panda Bear is amazed to see food products with the picture of the last Tsar-Nicholas II.   The Panda Bear does not like the last Tsar of Russia because she thinks he was a despot and he was behind many of the programs against the Jews of  Russia.   However, even if one was pro-Tsar wouldn't one see Nicholas II as the Tsar who lost it for the monarchy and brought on the communists?  It is hard for the Panda Bear to imagine anyone liking him.

The Panda Bear is also surprised that in these politically correct times there are still on packages only African American Aunt Jemima's., Uncle Ben's and African American cooks on the Cream of Wheat and Cream of Rice cereal boxes.   The Panda Bear feels to be politically correct these boxes either should either have no human image or the images should be multiracial(i.e a white Aunt Jemima, a Asian Aunt Jemima, a Hispanic Aunt Jemima).   The Panda Bear believes the idea behind these pictures is skilled black domestic help waiting on white people.   When she was a child, the Panda Bear remembers alot of anger about images of black servants(the Panda Bear remembers her mother taking away some paper dolls who were dolls black servants of a white nineteenth century family on the grounds of its being racist).   To the Panda Bear it is surprising that black Aunt Jemima,  Uncle Ben and the African American chief of the Cream of Wheat/Rice package have survived into the twenty-first century. 

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