Monday, September 19, 2011

The Panda Bear on Hiring Americans

The Panda Bear no longer knows whether she is an economic liberal or conservative.   She thinks the government does have a role in helping the unemployed and people in need but she is against the government directly helping business.   A lot of the original economic stimulus package the Panda Bear believes was a political pay off to local politicians and the unions.  

However, the Panda Bear thinks the private sector on its own will not create the needed jobs for the United States.   September 11th changed some of this but the Panda Bear remembers that whenever there was a supposed shortage of workers,  US industry would be able to get visas for foreign workers.   Some of these positions were for jobs that the Panda Bear thought many Americans would want such as engineers, nurses, physicians and computer scientists.   If Americans did not want these jobs, the Panda Bear thought it was because these organizations did not treat their workers the well.  The Panda Bear thought there was some decision was made that it was cheaper to get foreign workers than train Americans for these jobs.

Since September 11, the US has become less open to admitting foreign workers to he US.  However, now many jobs are now shipped overseas.   Many administrative and technical positions once held by Americans are now done by office workers in Asia.

The Panda Bear thinks the US government should be doing more in protecting jobs for Americans.  However, right now both political parties seems to be under the control of big business.    She things US citizens need to put more pressure on both the government and industry to hire American workers in American companies.

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