Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Panda Bear on TV, Modesty, and Being Busy

The Panda Bear is always surprised about how much time working people seem to spend on television.   She would not think they had the time to watch so much television.   The only time the Panda Bear watches television is on Friday night.

That said the Panda Bear(the human one) will be on Internet TV Friday September 23rd at 9:00 pm EST.   She will be on on the show Mind, Body and Soul. 

She invites her readers to see her on the show.   This week the Panda Bear was feeling envious of some other people's career success.   In a later post, the Panda Bear will discuss how stupid it can be to be envious of others.   However, one of the ways the Panda consoled herself was asking herself can any of these people that the Panda Bear envies write the Panda Bear Blog with subscribers in the US, UK, Germany and Switzerland and viewers all over the world?  She thinks in all honesty the answer is no.

The Panda Bear is normally sweet, modest and unassuming person.   She believes that a person's good qualities should speak for themselves and it is rude to flaunt one's success.   However, in blogging as in other endeavors such a marketing and political campaigns to be successful one has to create a "social profile" and make an effort to seem entrenched, popular, wealthy and sucessful.   Especially in political campaigns, the Panda Bear has heard that political insiders want to pick the "winning" candidate so many campaign managers will try to convince people that their candidate is the bandwagon and that people should join  the bandwagon.   In the book  Inside WikiLeaks My Time with Julian Assange at the World's Most Dangerous Website by Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the former spokesman for Wiki Leaks, claims that Julian Assange tried to make the press think that Wikileaks was a much bigger organization than it was (see Panda Bear's book review).  The successes of many brash and egotistical people is what gives rise to the saying "modesty is a virtue one goes further without".

On a personal level, the Panda Bear has learned that though these are not her values some people like people that have a "designer" label to them.  To these people the Panda Bear has learned to unobtrusively, truthfully and quietly to notify them of her "designer" and "name brand" activites.   Also when the Panda Bear feels that she has been unfairly put down or belittled she has learned to sweetly and factually show the offending party how wrong they are(this incidentally is very effective).  The Panda Bear thinks women many have a harder time stating their accomplishments then men; women more than men  have been taught not to brag.

My where has the time gone?   The Panda Bear was hoping to do several posts today, clean the house and relax.  She will be lucky if she does half of it.   She is also tired and needs to rest.  The Panda Bear wonders-why are we all so busy nowadays?

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