Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Panda Bear on Father Panda Bear, Roosevelt, and Obama

The Panda Bear's father(Father Panda)  who is 89 years old was sick and in the hospital this week and now has gone to the rehab for physical therapy.   Therefore, the Panda Bear was unable to do a post on Thursday/Friday.

However, in the hosptial Father Panda Bear said Obama was no Franklin Roosevelt.   Father Panda said his father worked on roads as part of the WPA(the Panda is to busy right now too look at what it stands for but it was greated by the Roosevelt adminstration to provide jobs for the unemployed).  When World War Two began, Father Panda's father was able to get a regular job in the factories which got busy supporting the war effort.

When the Panda Bear was laid off in the early nineties and was unemployed for about a year during the first Bush adminstration, many older people told her how much Franklin Rooselvelt did to help the unemployed.

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