Monday, October 3, 2011

The Panda Bear on Dental Abscesses, Political Protest, and her War On Mice And Clutter(WOMAC)

The Panda Bear had intended to write about the plight of the unemployed, the nature of the US presidency and the need for political protest.   However, some personal crises came up that have preoccupied the Panda Bear.

However, the Panda Bear will say something about legal, peaceful protests.   Growing up, the Panda Bear growing up learning an old Union song,   There was song which had a verse went something like this:

Freedom don't come on a bird wing
Freedom is a hard one thing
You have to work for it, fight for it, day and night for it again
And Every Generation has to win it all over

The Panda Bear things now may be a time for this generation to rise up and demand freedom and fairness.   The Panda Bear remembers the end of the revolts of the nineteen sixties; many rights and freedoms people now take for granted(i.e. US withdrawal from Vietnam, End of the Draft, Women's Rights, Civil Rights, some Workers Rights) were gotten as a result of political protest.  Many people with wealth and power don't voluntarily give up their privileges.    The Panda Bear remembers having to wear dresses to school in the winter where it is very cold up until the fifth grade.   What made her elementary school change(it went up to the eighth grade), was all the eighth grade girls one day all wore pants.  The school changed the rules requiring girls to wear dresses.   Now most women were pants in the winter in the cold USA of the Northeast.

The Panda Bear has a dental abscess..   The Panda Bear had taken last Thursday and Friday off for personal reasons.   She felt a little tired and at times felt nauseous but did not think anything of it.  On Saturday, her tooth started to hurt.   She was able to see a dentist who told her it was it was probably food caught in her teeth.   Today(Monday) she noticed that her face had gotten swollen.   She went to work but left to see seek health treatment first from a Physician Assistant who prescribed her an antibiotic and then saw her dentist who started a root canal.  

The Panda Bear is feeling better but not perfect.    However, the Panda Bear wanted to note if something like this happened in her previous job(which ironically was a physician organization) she could lose pay for calling in sick after taking vacation time and/or weekend.   The Panda Bear feels that company sick policies should be a target for health care reform.   Sometimes they can deter workers from getting immediate medical care which would be of advantage to the employee, the health insurer, and the company(though many companies don't seem to realize this advantage). In the long run it would save time by treating medical problems early before they become more serious.   The Panda Bear often feels that people call in sick after holidays and/or weekends because they can't get medical care during that time not just that they want to extend their time off.

The other personal problem the Panda Bear has had recently was that she saw a mouse in her apartment.   The Panda Bear has been fortunate that for the eleven years she has lived in her apartment she has not seen a mouse.   For the past couple of weeks, she suspected that she saw a mouse.   Yesterday, she set-up some snap traps.   She has used glue traps before but thought it was cruel that the mouse did not die right away.

However, this morning the Panda Bear saw the mouse.  It looked like a house mouse.   Field mice can look kind of clean and cute but this mouse looked dirty and nasty.   The Panda Bear read about house mice and how they can nest in people's homes.   Once she read that they can nest in people's homes, the Panda Bear announced to Mr. Panda the new War On Mice And Clutter(WOMAC).  

The snaps traps did not catch the mice so the Panda Bear started using the "enhanced" mouse catching techniques such as glue traps.  The mouse is a trespasser.  If the mouse is too stupid to go into a snap trap for a quick death, the Panda Bear feels she has no choice to use a glue traps.  She has put about 24 glue traps near where she thinks the mouse is along with the four snap traps already out.   She puts the traps in groups of two because sometimes she has heard the mouse can jump over one trap.   The Panda Bear's mother-in-law- sometimes catches the mouse by barricading it so the mouse has no choice but to go over the glue trap.   The Panda Bear has fought sucessfully an infestation of the pantry moths by throwing out infested products, storing grain products in glass containers and using glue traps.

Furthermore, the Panda Bear has order Mr. Panda to get rid of his extra clutter arguing that mice like cluttered environments.   Mr. Panda has improved over the course of the marriage in his ability to throw things out but he still keeps alot of old newspapers, boxes and clothes which she feels attract mice.    The Panda Bear also needs to learn to keep her stuff off the floor so the mice don't have places to hide.

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