Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Panda Bear on Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party

Everyone except some politicians know that unemployment is high and that there are many more job seekers than jobs available and that it will take years of steady growth for the US to get back to a reasonable full employment situation.   The Panda Bear thinks it is the high unemployment that is creatiang breeding ground for political activism.   People have time on their hands with no job prospects.

The Panda Bear normally does not consider herself to be a right wing person but she did find herself allied with the right during the bailouts of the big banks and AIG which the Panda Bear opposed.   She thinks these big companies want to pay no taxes and want pure capitalism when they are doing well and they want socialism when they fail.   The people who caused all these financial crises instead of getting fired got a government bailout and got called indispensable to the financial system.  

The Panda Bear also has some sympathy with the Occupy Wall Street movement which is coming from the left.   The Panda Bear heard one commentator say both the Left and the Right are feeling ripped off by big business.   Instead of fighting each other, the Panda Bear feels the Left and Right should join forces to fight their common enemy the big business/government elites.

To the Panda Bear, the US seems to be run by a giant plutocracy where there is a revolving door between business and government.  All the heads of corporations are on each others boards so the Panda Bear thinks they give each other a free reign in terms of compensation and employment conditions.  It seems no matter what happens the heads of industry and government seems to do well while the common person suffers.  The heads of both business and government don't seem to feel the need to follow the same rules as the common person while making the common person suffer from the misdeeds.

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