Monday, August 22, 2011

The Panda Bear on her Family and Modern Stress Management

In previous posts, the Panda Bear dates that she likes the work of older authors who write about "nervous" conditions as opposed to using newer the term "anxiety".  However, the Panda Bear does not want her readers to think that she lives in the past.  She wants to share with her readers two web sites that she has found helpful in dealing with stress management and learning different relaxation techniques.  One is  Search the site for relaxation techniques and stress management tips.  They have some very good articles.   Another good site in learning about different kinds of relaxation techniques is   The Panda Bear has found this site very helpful.

The Panda Bear will discuss in later posts how she been able to use different relaxation techniques.   However, the Panda Bear wishes to tell her readers that if they wish to see and hear the Panda Bear she will be on the Internet show, Mind, Body, and Soul on this network at 9:30 pm Eastern Standard Time on August 26, 2011.  When the Panda Bear told a friend that she would be on Internet TV, the friend said it was amazing that the new technology let every one's voices be heard.   Indeed the Panda Bear has heard on NPR that many of the designers of the Internet were nineteen sixties activists who wanted to let the the common person be heard.  The Panda Bear is the voice of a certain type of every person.

The Panda Bear's family was very excited when they heard she would be on Internet TV.   The Panda Bear has a very small immediate family.  There is Mr. Panda, the Panda Bear's husband, Mother Panda, the Panda Bear's mother and Father Panda, the Panda Bear's father.   The Panda Bear is an only child and has no children.   Her family are quiet and reserved people.   Theyfeel the Panda Bear Blog is their chance of fame.  Mr. Panda will walk around the apartment saying "I am Mr. Panda."

Both the Panda Bear's parents are in their eighties.   Father Panda is the son of Hungarian Jewish immigrants who came here after the First World War.   He grew up in the Detroit Michigan area and can very clearly remember the Great  Depression.  As stated in a previous post, Father Panda was a big fan of Franklin Roosevelt and the Panda Bear thinks if he were running for office today, Father Panda would be voting for him.   Father Panda has a PhD. in science.

Mother Panda was born in Breslau Germany which is now part of Poland.   Her family had to flee the Nazis in 1938.   Her family scattered all over the word.  Panda Mother and her parents went to the Philippines; it was one of the few countries that let the German Jews in at that point in time.  Panda Mother and her parents lived through the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines.   The Japanese were not bad to the German Jewish Community.  In fact, Panda mother says she saw her family's name on a list that Germans give the Japanese to have killed because they were Jews.  However, the Japanese ignored this request of the Germans.  Mother Panda's mother died just after the Americans came liberated the Philippines.  Mother Panda and her father came to the US after the World War II ended.

The Panda Bear's parents must trust the Panda Bear.  The Panda Bear told them that some parents get hurt by what children say about them in blogs..   However, the Panda Bear thinks that her parents see this blog as being a way for them to obtain immortality.   Perhaps the Panda Bear can get them to some guests posts about their experiences growing up.    In particular, Mother Panda has become more open about her experiences with the Nazis growing up as a child.

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