Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Panda Bear and US Politics

Foreign Aid
It surprises the Panda Bear that it appears no one either on the left or the right appears to be discussing cutting foreign aid to help reduce the US deficit.   The Panda Bear thinks foreign aid should be cut for two important reasons.

For one,  the US can not afford it and it  has very needy people at home.  Secondly she has heard of very high percentage of foreign gets stolen by the governments and never reaches the people that it is intended to serve so it is a waste of US money.
People need to remember that if the US economy goes down the whole world suffers.

Posted 4/18/2011
Remembering Franklin Roosevelt

The Panda Bear has been hearing a lot of recent criticisms of Franklin Roosevelt and the New Deal.   There are questions about whether his policies help end the depression.

However, as time goes on, the Panda Bear thinks it should be remembered that  Franklin Roosevelt has some ability calm people down and hold people together in tough times.  The Panda Bear has heard from her father who grew up in the Depression and from others who lived during this period that Franklin Roosevelt had charisma and was able to make people feel that they would survive during those tough and chaotic times. 

The Panda Bear fears that as people who have not lived through this time analyze his policies “objectively” this quality of his leadership may be forgotten.

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