Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Panda Bear on Human Nature

The Panda Bear is beginning to wonder how human beings described human nature before the invention of modern technology. The Panda Bear keeps on hearing that like computers humans are "hardwired", humans do or do not "multitask", and they need "downtime". People are like cell phones in that they have batteries that need to be recharged. In the 70s people were compared to robots and machines. Why do humans like to compare themselves to objects?

Actually, the Panda Bear thinks that humans are more like Panda Bears and other mamals than machines.  Much  of human behavior is routed in instinct and emotion which machines do not have.

It much amused the Panda Bear to see a an web site that Pandas were like humans-she thinks humans are like Pandas only Pandas don't do as much damage to the enviroment. 

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