Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Panda Bear on the Beginning of Her Blog

The Panda Bear right now does not alloiw posting.   She is afraid that negative posts will take away her incentive to write.   She may allow posts of the subject of bullying so bullying victims can share their experiences.

Posted 4/26/2011

The quote that Panda Bear was looking for when she decided to accept advertising was this quote from Samuel Johnson who wrote the first dictionary.

No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.
Samuel Johnson

The Panda Bear has found that the accepting of advertising has made her have a greater desire to have her blog read and she has done more to attract readers than she would if her log did not have advertising.

The Panda Bear has also gone out and bought a netbook. She has long had a desire to have portable (and cheap) word processing. However, now that the Panda Bear runs a "commercial blog site" she can feels she can justify it as a business expense.

Posted 4/18/2011
The Panda Bear Blog Accepts Advertising.
The Panda Bear took Samuel Johnson's advise to the effect that only a blockhead wrote for any reason but for money(when she has time she will up the exact quote).  At the very least, maybe the money from advetising will help her buy a computer that she takes every where with her so can can go on the internet and do word processing.   Perhaps she can get a business tax deduction.

However, the Panda Bear wonders what will happen when her advetisers find out that she is Ms. Cheapo and does not like to shop?  Though she is a capitalist,  The Panda Bear has some criticisms of the consumer society.  Will she abandon her principles for money?

However the Panda Bear would still blog even if she made no money.   It is for her a hobby.

Posted 4/15/2011

The Panda Bear Blog is also NOT a fancy home blog.  She finds it a challenge to do the bare minimum of home chores.  It is a blog about coping with the daily grind of life.

Posted 4/5/2011

The Panda Bear Blog is NOT going to be a travel blog.  The Panda Bear gets envious of reading of peoples travels in Facebook.  Kudos to my traveling FB friends!!

However, the Panda Bear believes that there are many people like her who do not have the resources/time to travel.   She reminds herself of many famous New Englanders who did not travel much such as Emily Dickinson and Henry David Thoreau.

The Panda Bear believes that some of the best travels are journeys into one’s soul and somewhere deep inside the spirit are embedded some universal human truths.

The Panda Bear will have to settle/attempt for this kind of travel now.

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