Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Panda Bear on Healthcare

The Panda Bear went to see a physician today.  She does not like going to the doctor.  The emotions around going to an MD are similar to what many people feel about going to a dentist.  She feels that going to a physician is like having an encounter with the grim reaper.   The physician seems convey the thought that one day the Panda Bear will experience terrible illness and death-if not today definitely some other day.  Fortunately, the Panda Bear is in good health.

Ironically, the Panda Bear likes going to the dentist.  The dentist makes her feel cared for and alleviates her pain.   She feels taken care off as he works on her teeth.


As though to prove my point, a temporary crown fell off the Panda Bear’s tooth and she called her dentist and he said to come right away to have it fixed.

Her reaction to going to the dentist-feelings of warmth and of being taken care of-her emotional reaction about going to the medical doctor-dread, fear and disappointment.

In the future posts, the Panda Bear will offer her ideas of how physicians can improve their image.  She believes that physicians need to realize that just making people healthier and live longer does not necessarily earn them high emotional regard

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