Monday, August 29, 2011

The Panda Bear on Hurricane Irene

The Panda Bear and Mr. Panda have been preoccupied from Wednesday till today with Hurricane Irene.  Hurricanes hardly every reach the area where the Panda Bear and Mr, Panda live.  The Panda Bear thinks since Katrina, officials have felt they would rather err on the side of over prediction rather than under react to storms.

Mr. Panda got very worried where he heard about Hurricane Irene.  He always worries about things.  The last thing he worried about was the US defaulting on the debt.    The Panda Bear and her co-workers paid more attention to Hurricane Irene when the Governor of Massachusetts declared a state of Emergency in Massachusetts.   They wondered if they would have work that Monday.   The Panda Bear felt distracted at work all Friday from thinking about the hurricane.

Saturday the Panda Bear and her husband planned to do grocery shopping and clothes washing before the storm(they were afraid of a black out).  However, the Panda Bear made Mr. Panda do some additional errands which he felt could wait because of the Hurricane and the State of Emergency declared in Massachusetts.   The Panda Bear feels that Mr. Panda never feels it is a good time to do certain tasks so she made him to them anyway.

Saturday night Mr. Panda tapped the windows.   The Panda Bear and Mr. Panda were one of the few residents who tapped windows in their neighborhood.   They also bought bottled water and checked their flashlights.

The storm came Sunday.  It was very windy.   A lot of tree branches fell.   The Panda Bear and her husband stayed inside.   As some her blog readers know from previous posts, the Panda Bear hates housework.   However, the Panda Bear tried to apply some precepts of positive thinking and got some housework done without kicking and screaming.  The Panda Bear is currently reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett and now the Panda Bear can pride herself on not exploiting any household help.

The Panda Bear and Mr. Panda lost their electricity for six hours.   What made it hard is that they did not know how long it would be out.  Mr. Panda had a radio that you could crank up to power it and the Panda Bear was listening for information on when the power would be restored.    The Panda Bear was worried that they would have to throw out all their food from their refrigerator.    It amuses the Panda Bear that she heard what several men minded most about the blackout is that they could not get hot food.

When she got to work, the Panda Bear heard of several people who still had no electricity.  For one person, not having electricity meant they had no water for toilets since they got their water from a well that depended on electricity to function.   This person's electricity may not got restored for a while since she lives in a rural area.   The Panda Bear truly feels that this person and her family has suffered some hardship from the storm.

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