Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Panda Bear on Popular Music

The Panda Bear is recovering from a colonscopy/   The procedure went well and the Panda Bear won't need one for another ten years.   However, it makes the Panda Bear like she is aging because it was a routine screening for people over fifty.

Another thing that makes Panda Bear feel old is popular/rock music.  Now the Panda Bear is not a high music person.   She enjoys rock/popular music that was written before 1995.  (Now the Panda Bear likes Jazz, Blue Grass and Classical).   However, the popular/rock music written afterwards does not appeal to her at all.

The Panda Bear has two theories for her change in taste in music.   The one she would like to believe is that  popular/rock music got worse after 1995.   However, the major rreason for the change is that the Panda Bear believes that a lot of popular culture is aimed at young people.    After people hit a certain age it stops appealing to many people.   However, people keep a sentimental attachment to the music one liked when one is young..   

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