Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Panda Bear on Medical Appointments and the Terror of House Repairs

The Panda Bear has been enjoying the longer days.   It makes such a difference going to work in daylight and leaving in daylight.   It makes the Panda Bear feel that there is a life after work.   

Things have been going slightly better for the Panda Bear at work.   The superior section at work no longer seems so superior and they are having problems of their own.   The Panda Read this inspired article about following one’s passions on the nights and weekends and the Panda Bear has resolved to follow this suggestion.
However, the Panda Bear’s nights and weekends have been taking up recently with medical appointments and home repairs.    Her employer prefers that the Panda Bear schedules her medical appointments after work. This time of year is the time of year where she has her various annual physical exams.    A lot of the Panda Bear’s “free time” is being spent on lab tests, mammograms and various yearly doctors’ appointments.  These annual exams always remind the Panda Bear of her own mortality.   She hears the Grim Reaper saying “if not now, eventually I am going to get you.”   In addition, she needs to see her dentist, acupuncturist, dietician, and psychologist on an ongoing basis.    Also, the Panda Bear needs to maintain her diet and exercise routines.   The Panda realizes that she is fortunate to be able to have all the services available to her.   She also realizes that she is lucky to be blessed with good health.    However, as she gets older the Panda Bear can understand that many people feel they are too busy to look after their health in the best manner possible.   The Panda Bear thinks the US culture will need to change to make a dent in the amount of illnesses caused by poor lifestyle.

Last Sunday, Mr. Panda was very upset at the Panda Bear for not going with him to the YMCA swimming the way they usually do.   The Panda Bear wanted to clean the condo because the Panda Bear anticipated repair people coming in during the week.    She was afraid of them seeing a dirty apartment.     While the Panda Bear is fearless in confronting the corrupt oligarchy that is running the United States, she trembles at the thought of someone coming into her place and saying “this apartment is dirty.”    The Panda Bear admits her apartment is not as tidy as it should be.   It would take all the Panda Bear’s free time away from work to maintain the apartment the way it should be maintained and the Panda Bear hates domestic chores.      Her goal is to have her apartment in some order for at least a few days a year before it becomes a messy again.
Though the Panda Bear was glad to see her kitchen cleaner than it had been in a while, she found out that she may have been too hasty in getting her apartment in order for the repair.   Yesterday the Panda Bear found out she needed to get the condo association’s approval to do her bathroom repair. Therefore she and her contractor quickly had to complete forms and send them to the condo association for them to approve the work.   It may take them a couple of weeks to approve of the work.  Therefore, these repairs have temporarily been postponed.

However, the anxiety is getting to the Panda Bear.  Dealings with the condo association have not always been pleasant.   What will the condo association say about the repairs?    Also there has been some damage to the Panda Bear’s bathroom floor underneath the tiles.   The tiles will have to be taken out to find out the extent of the damage.    These uncertainties are setting the Panda Bear’s nerves on edge.
From what the Panda Bear sees of building, it seems to be a very changeable industry.   While she knows there is some reality TV shows about home repairs, the Panda Bear thinks a fictional TV series about real estate/contracting could be very successful.   Some of what goes on can be quite dramatic and the main characters could be people in all walks of life (i.e. painters, lawyers) so they could have wide audience appeal.

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