Friday, March 15, 2013

The Panda Bear on George Carlin, Mindfulness, and Her Office Desk

The Panda Bear got this quote she liked from George Carlin on Facebook.   Before she put it on her blog she wanted to verify its accuracy because as Abraham Lincoln has been warning people on Facebook just because because you see a quote on Facebook it does not mean it really came from the person(this is a joke).   Anyway the quote that was attributed to George Carlin that the Panda Bear liked is:

Governments does not want well informed, well education people capable of critical thinking.   That is against their interests.   They want obedient workers, people are who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork and just dumb enough to passively accept it.

Sometimes the Panda Bear feels those in charge of the US want everyone to be so busy working and purchasing goods that they won't have time to challenge the status quo.   Instead of diverting the masses with bread and circuses like the ancient Romans, she feels the powerful want to placate us with cheap consumer goods(really toys) that we don't have room to store so spend what little free time we have decluttering our living space.

Daylight savings time is making the Panda Bear feel better.   Why can't humans just admit it that even though it is not rational their bodies are programmed to go to sleep when it is dark?

Recently, the Panda Bear has been reading about the importance of having a positive attitude at work.   She read that a negative attitude can be self-fulling.   Actually, things have been going better in the Panda Bear's job even though things have gotten very busy.  

Also the Panda Bear has been practicing "mindfulness" which means focusing on the present moement rather than the past or future.   In a moment of mindfulness inspiration, the Panda Bear realized that  she should not obsess about her twenty years worth of negative work experiences and focus on the hear and now.   Today is a new day and a chance to have a fresh start.

However, sometimes when the Panda Bear at her desk and is practicing mindfulness she sees a very drab cubicle(most people admit the office is drab). Though the miracles of scanning and other computer technology the Panda Bear almost paper-free in her work.   In previous years, the Panda Bear's desk and work area used to consist of mounds of papers going in every direction.    She admits it was an eyesore.   However, since her work area is now by and large paper-free, the Panda Bear now sees the first chance ever in her work life to make her work area attractive.

Since the Panda Bear is very busy and finds it hard to shop, she is slowly trying buy things to spruce up her work area more(too bad Woolworth's went out of business-it was a good place to pick up cheap nice office decorations).   She has mentioned in previous posts how she has bought some plants to her work area.   Now she has put some nice fabric on another part of her desk for which she has received some compliments.    For the first time in her work life,  people have said her work area looks nice.

The Panda Bear wants to add more objects of beauty to look at to give her some relief from both the stress and monotony of the job.    She wants to get either map or globe to put in her cubicle which she could look at if she wants a quick mental break without going on the computer.   Even if she is confined to her desk, in her mind she can be a global traveler.    No longer will the Panda Bear suffering from job stagnation!!! Though she may not be obtaining a promotion, the Panda Bear for the first time in her work life will have an eye pleasing, attractive, creative and as well as efficient looking office.


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