Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Panda Bear on Her Bathroom Repair, Queen for a Day and House Cleaning

The Panda Bear Blog is a blog about an average office worker muddling through the tedium of life. She feels that though there must be more to life then work and purchasing consumer goods though she thinks this is what makes the politicians and large corporations happy She hates domestic chores.

The Panda Bear yesterday came to the conclusion that civilization is moving forward even though it at times it may seem to be at a standstill. The Panda Bear's coworkers yesterday were talking about the nineteen fifties television show Queen for a Day. Apparently what the woman who was chosen Queen for the Day received was a NEW APRON. She did get taken out for dinner but what she good for being Queen for the Day was a new apron. Apparently the show was sponsored by house cleaning supply companies. For part of the show, the woman's house was inspected for cleanliness.

One of the Panda Bear's coworkers remembers an Aunt of hers who was a stereotypical nineteen fifties housewife. She always greeted her husband when he came home from work with a kiss with freshly applied lipstick, a clean apron, fancy home cooked meal and an immaculate house. The Panda Bear finds it hard to believe that anyone lives this way nowadays. However, the Panda Bear feels that we probably are still being manipulated by advertisers and business to make home chores seem appealing, fun and exciting. However, the Panda Bear feels that in a perfect world the Panda Bear feels that nights and weekends should be mostly about relaxation for both men and women. Why hasn't the technology been invented to make ALL household chores go away?

The Panda Bear and Mr. Panda will be having their bathroom redone. Someone at the Panda Bear's work said the Panda Bear has been talking to for the last four years about having their bathroom redone but this time it appears that they will actually have it redone. They are meeting with the contractor on Saturday to finalize the arrangements. Originally they were going to have someone else to the work but they waited too long have the company do the work and the company stopped doing that kind of work. So they had to find a new contractor. The lesson learned is that procrastinating on home chores.

The Panda Bear took the day off from work today. She told herself (ha!!) that she was going to spend most of the day cleaning for the contractor. However, she spent a lot of the day at Starbucks reading and surfing the Internet. She tells herself after working hard all week she deserves to have a day of relaxation. However, after she finishes this post, the Panda Bear hopes to put in a couple hours of cleaning. She hopes to feel some sense of an accomplishment or some sense of penance for unknown sins.



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  2. No it is not. You can go to Google, Webby or WordPress and start one for free. I have had a little computer training which helps. There are some sites where you can pay a small amount of money and get some technical help for the blog.

  3. I love when a project is done, but I hate the in between! Half my belongings are in self storage in Richmond to clear way for all the work that needs to be done. We're remodeling both our living room and kitchen. It's been such a mess from the cleaning to realizing I'd never have enough space to store everything. At least the storage unit process was swift. I guess it all will pay off in the end when I have brand new hardwood floors!