Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Panda Bear on Bullying, May Day, and Time Famine

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The Panda Bear reconnected with another friend from her childhood who also was bullied.   The years she would have been bullied would be from about 1968-1972.   The Panda Bear and all her friends remember that the schools did nothing to stop bullying.    The Panda Bear is glad that school bullying is now talked about.   She does not remember it being talked about she was a child.   The Panda Bear has had these conflicting memories of feeling like she was the only child ever in the history of the world who was bullied and at the same time if she saw other children being bullied she would have the feeling that she was glad it was not her.   Even if bullying has not stopped in schools, the Panda Bear thinks it is an infinite improvement from when she was a child that it is now being discussed in classrooms.   That the schools did nothing to stop the bullying made the Panda Bear feel that the bullies were somehow right.    The Panda Bear also feels that it is too bad that all the bully victims could not get together and simply ignore the bullies.   The bullies seemed to have better group organizational skills than the bullied.

According to this article in the The Nation, more people in the US are celebrating May Day.   The article gives a interesting history of May Day.   The Panda Bear things more needs to be done to celebrate and honor achievements of average people.    The Panda Bear is hearing of "employee appreciation" events where the higher ups pretty much say they think they are more important than their workers.   In the Panda Bear's opinion, employee appreciation should be where  managers appreciate the ordinary workers.   If upper management feels they are superior to the workers they should be tactful enough not to say in front of them on worker appreciation events.   To the Panda Bear this behavior is both rude and stupid.

In a previous post, the Panda Bear said the purpose of her blog was to chronicle the rising hours of work and how it was not good for society.   The Panda Bear feels it would be nice for people who feel time stressed to be able to band together to find solutions both on a societal and personal level.  Furthermore,  the Panda Bear believes that many of the "experts" in US society have an incomplete understanding of the average worker.  

In her last week's post, the Panda Bear discussed a study by authors associated with Harvard, Yale and Wharton Business school about how volunteering made time stressed people feel like they had more free time. To get the full text of the study click here.   The authors describe the problem of time stressed Americans quite accurately here:

Despite medical advances that have lengthened the human lifespan and technologicalinnovations that have automated many chores, Americans report feeling more  time-constrainedthan ever (Carroll, 2008; Robinson & Godbey, 1999). Many, in fact, perceive themselves asvictims of a “time famine'
having too much to do and not enough time to do it (DeVoe &Pfeffer, 2011; Perlow, 1999). With waking hours largely consumed by work, precious minutesremain for the daily list of to-dos, including exercise, cleaning, and socializing with friends and family (Kahneman, Krueger, Schkade, Schwarz, & Stone, 2004). Not surprisingly, some 85% of parents wish for more time with their children (Bianchi, Robinson, & Milkie, 2006), and twice asmany Americans would prefer two weeks of vacation over two weeks of extra pay (HonorĂ©,2004).Most relevant to the present investigation, people’s sense that time is scarce decreases their tendency to give time to others. Darley and Batson (1973) showed that seminary students late to discuss the parable of the Good Samaritan hurried past a suffering confederate. Similarly,Levine (1998) found pace-of-life to negatively predict prosocial behavior in cities around theworld, with the chronically time-constrained inhabitants of places like New York being leastlikely to spend time helping strangers.
However, the Panda Bear feels it is simplistic to say that people would feel less time strained if they "volunteered".

In future posts, the Panda Bear will analyze her free time to see how much she wastes.

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  1. I blame the parents of the bullies. I would make bullying their problem and see if that gets a reaction. See what happends when the parent has to take time off to deal with this mess.