Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Panda Bear on the Status of her Blog American Overwork and the Ill Health of Her Father

The Panda Bear wants to let her readers know that she has not abandoned her blog.   Her father has been critically ill for the past two weeks.   She plans to restart her blog once the health status of her father is resolved.

Her father who is 89 fell down the stairs and broke his pelvis and has sustained a brain injury.   While he is not brain dead, he has sustained a brain damage.   Yesterday, he appeared to be totally unconscious.

He is in the intensive care unit at The Massachusetts General Hospital.   The Panda Bear spent a couple of days with her father in the unit of the hospital.   She was impressed with the list of specialists that were working on her father to deal with his health.

Probably as a result of his fall, the Panda Bear's father has sustained a heart attack and brain seizure.   The brain seizure has set the Panda Bear's father back in terms of mental cognition.

The Panda Bear Blog is in part of blog about American overwork.  The Panda Bear gets very angry at supposed "experts" who aren't on the clock telling us average folk that we simply imagine that we are overworked.

It is the most stressful time of year in the Panda Bear's line of work.   The Panda Bear wants it noted that many American workers are going from work to personal stress.  While the Panda Bear's employer has been good about giving the Panda Bear time of from work, it should be noted that this is coming from the eighteen days from the Panda Bear's "Benefit Time" which is a combination of personal, sick and vacation time.

Nowadays, jobs are hard to get.   In life and death discussions with the physicians the Panda Bear will be waving company leave of absence forms so her job can be protected under the American Family Medical Leave Act.

The Panda Bear now must get ready for her tasks for the day and see her very ill father on the first holiday of the summer.

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