Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Panda Bear on the Purpose of her Blog and Womac/House Update

The Panda Bear is taking a slight break from her promise to herself to get some rest after she came home from work.   However, she read this article from the Atlantic called "Is your job killing you?" and Panda Bear found one of the key themes of her blog.   This article states:

Welcome to the future of work: a world where everything moves faster, the hours are longer and steady jobs are harder to find. Work has always been central to our lives -- in the United States, the 40-hour workweek stretches back at least a century -- but now, technology and the pressure of competing in a global economy is threatening to turn back the clock, making our toil an all-consuming affair once again.

Studies show that we're more productive than ever...

The object of the Panda Bear Blog is to show that this involuntary increase in work hours is bad for Americans physically, psychologically, economically and morally.    She things some of this increase in work hours is actually counterproductive; we aren't really getting more done..   The Panda Bear things the ultimate measure of wealth is freedom to do the things we want to do rather than have to do.   In the spirit of the current populists uprisings the Panda Bear feels that American workers are not reaping the benefits of their productivity.   The top one percent throw as a few toys for all our sweat and blood.

Furthermore, this article states that Americans work some of the longest hours in the world:

In 2010, Americans each worked on average a total of 1,778 hours. That's not nearly as bad as South Korea (2,193 hours), but the United States still spends more time at work than many of its fellow developed nations, including Japan, Canada, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The Panda Bear believes that what made the US great was our spirit of fun and adventure.    We are the country that gave the world Elvis Presley and  Walt Disney.  The Panda Bear remembers when she was a child there was a chant that went:

   (a Far Eastern Ethnic group) school has just begun
   no more laughing no more fun.

The Panda Bear things this describes the United States right now-endless work-no sense of play and adventure.   We have become a nation of drudges.   In the upcoming elections the Panda Bear plans to ask different political candidates what they plan to do to make us are more relaxed, friendly and leisured country.

The Panda Bear is not ashamed to admit she struggles to survive in this new tough American economy.   She works but can do not many other things that she would like to do.

This long works hours explains why the Panda Bear has not made some of the home improvements she expected to have completed.   Readers of the Panda Bear Blog know the thing she dislikes the most in the world are household chores.  This fall the Panda Bear saw some mice and launched the War on Mice and Clutter(WOMAC).  This war is modeled after George Bush's Global War on Terror(GWOT).   

The Panda Bear did manage to get rid of some clutter.   She also got a cat(Suzie-see above) whom she loves.   Since has the Panda Bear has gotten Suzie she has not seen any mice and she loves having a cat.   It is the first pet the Panda Bear has had.

While the Panda Bear has not been able to do half of what she has wanted to do with her apartment, she now does household chores with a new feeling of tranquility.   She has come to accept the fact that she will never be the world's best housekeeper.   When she has the energy to do her few hated home chores, she now does it with a spirit of peace, acceptance and love.

The world is far too fast paced for the Panda Bear.   She just wants to sit outside and lay on the grass and rest.


  1. How cute this panda is! I like this post. Please update me with new post. I would love to see that. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you so much!!! On the right side of this blog are different ways to subscribe to this blog. You can also bookmark this blog. I try to post once a week.

      If you like this blog please share with your friend. The more people who read the merrier

  2. Justice Louis Brandeis said he could do the twelve months' worth of work on the Supreme Court in ten months, but he could not do it in twelve months. He needed at least two months for rest and recreation.

    1. I think alot of employers now judge things in terms of hours worked rather than results. While I should be glad that I am employed in my work life I have considered myself to be lucky if I got one week off a year.

      I don't expect to be able to get a month off as long as I am working though I would very much like to have a month's worth of recreation.