Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Panda Bear on Memorial Day and the Irrationality of Modern Management

The Panda Bear has been very tired.  Mother Panda has been sick so the Panda Bear has been going to help her(as well as the Panda Bear working her full-time job).   However, the Panda Bear Blog is about not being ashamed of saying you are tired.    At work some people were embarrassed to say they were tired and did not do much.  Why should hard working Americans be ashamed of being tired?  Don't we all deserve some rest?

The Panda Bear does plan to give her readers an update on her bathroom repair.    However, the Panda Bear feels what would really make her happy is a month vacation which she does not thing she will ever get under the US vacation system.   Maybe a yearly monthly vacation would be too much for employers to provide but to give a worker every five years a month off-would that really wreck the US economy?

The Panda Bear has a low opinion of the modern management.   She things there is a lot of meanness in the modern work culture that has nothing to do with producing the best product or servicing the organization. 

Many people have noticed the decline in working environment in the United States.   The Panda Bear finds it hard to believe that in the nineteen eighties the Panda Bear worked for a large US corporation and most of the managers were seen as being nice.  From 1990-1992 she worked in a section of the company known has "the country club" because of the nice way they treated people.   People worked hard in that section and they were not the highest paid workers but it was a happy work environment.

The Panda Bear wishes to share a  thoughtful video made by the Online MBA on why the government should not be run like a business.    The Panda Bear has always thought that it was unfair to compare the US Postal service to private companies such as UPS or Federal Express.    The US postal service has to serve all areas the the country regardless of financial incentives while private mail companies don't service areas that aren't profitable for the company.

In addition to the reasons provided in the above video,  the Panda Bear things many private large companies and organizations aren't well run-not just government agencies.   In every type of large organizations one hears employees whom their coworkers see a terribly incompetent but the managers just seem to adore them.   Sometimes these workers do get fired but it can take years of bad behavior on the part of these employees.   The Panda Bear wishes she could be a fly on the wall when these employees meet with their bosses;  the Panda Bear feels these employees must have tremendous political skills that the Panda Bear lacks because its seems that all the Panda Bear's bosses seem to expect her to be ultra competent and work very hard.

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