Monday, May 6, 2013

The Panda Bear on Daily to Do Lists, Happiness, and Bathroom Repair Update

The Panda Bear has been very busy and thus has only time from a short blog post.   The Panda Bear's eighty-five year old mother, Mother Panda has broken her right wrist and was in rehab.   The Panda Bear has been going after work to visit and help Mother Panda.   The Panda Bear loves Mother Panda and does not wish to complain but the Panda Bear is exhausted.    Both the Panda Bear and Mother Panda Bear feel the loss of Father Panda who died in June 2012 so is no longer able to help Mother Panda.

During these busy times the Panda Bear has been neglecting her daily to do list.   She has not been exercising properly or writing down everything she eats.   The kitchen sink has been filled with dishes   She has not been decluttering her apartment.   Some blogging and writing sites, say people who blog should be blogging every day.   Readers of the Panda Bear Blog know that the Panda Bear has not been blogging every day.

It seems that to the Panda Bear that people are being told to well over a week's worth of (short) chores every day which probably should be done.   However, there are not enough hours in the day to do them all.   Also the Panda Bear does not always have the energy to do them all.    She feels guilty about not being able to do everything and overwhelmed.

Seriously, one way the Panda Bear manages her daily to do list is by rotating things she needs to do on a daily basis.   The Panda Bear thinks perfect is the enemy of the good.   If she does some of the things on her daily to do list once or twice a month the Panda Bear is happy.   The Panda Bear views her daily to do list as some abstract ideal which will never be obtained in reality but a cherished goal.

The Panda Bear knows that her readers or curious about the status of her bathroom repair.   Well, the reader of the Panda Bear Blog will be surprised to know that it is being scheduled to start tomorrow.    The Panda Bear has told her contractor that because of illness in the family, she has not had time to prepare her apartment the way she would like to but the contractor has assured the Panda Bear that this will not be a problem.

Many of the Panda Bear's friends think the Panda Bear will experience a sense of deep happiness and joy at having a new bathroom.   The Panda Bear suspects that this is propaganda from various business interests that want us to consume.   At most she expects she will feel some sense of accomplishment and relief at removing something from her to-do list.

Keep on reading The Panda Bear Blog to see if an updated bathroom makes the Panda Bear happy.

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  1. I am looking forward to hearing how the bathroom improvement goes. I bet it will make you feel better!