Friday, October 19, 2012

The Panda Bear on Predicting a Romney Win

The Panda Bear is an average worker.   Consequently, she has had not much time to prepare a blog post.   However, today the Panda Bear had this revelation and she wished to share it to the web.   She predicts a victory for Mitt Romney.   News sources note-The Panda Bear is still an undecided voter.

The Panda Bear makes this prediction for these reasons:

1) The Panda Bear and others are looking at third party candidates.  Third party candidates usually do well when people are unhappy with the incumbent.
2) Weak support among the base-In Massachusetts which is a very Democratic state, many people aren't saying whom they are voting for because the Panda Bear thinks they are considering Romney.   If your base does not support who will?
3) Events in Libya.   Obama's poor handling of the situation on Libya reminds the Panda Bear of Jimmy Carter's problem with the US embassy in Iran.

The Panda Bear believes the Democratic party is in bad need of reform.   Right now it seems like a top down party.   If the Panda Bear believed Obama would carry the state so Panda Bear's individual vote would not matter, the Panda Bear would cast a third party vote to keep alternative parties to the Democrats and Republicans alive in Massachusetts.

The Panda Bear has some advise to Elizabeth Warren.   She needs to be more of an "independent" Democrat.   The Panda Bear would consider voting for her if she believed Elizabeth Warren was capable of disagreeing with Obama particularly in foreign policy.  Right now Elizabeth Warren is selling herself has the
Democratic party line.

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