Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Panda Bear on Early Voting, Employers and Healthcare Reform

The Panda Bear has been busy with the election season.   Actually, she has begun burn out over the upcoming elections..   She will need to read a light novel in addition to her studying up on the election issues.   There will be two major debates this week that the Panda Bear would like to see.   The Presidential debate will be on October 3, this Wednesday.  Today on October 1, there will be a debate between the two candidates for US senate. This election seems very close and probably will where the Panda Bear's vote will count the most in the fall election.

It seems deeply unfair to the Panda Bear that in many states they have early voting which is starting now in some battle ground states.   People can vote even before the presidential debates and well over a month before people in Massachusetts are able to vote.

The Panda used to be more a Democrat than a Republican.   However, in Massachusetts the Democrats control almost all offices.   There is a lot of corruption in Massachusetts for which the Democrats have done nothing.   The Panda Bear is thinking of working for a third political party; she thinks reform is badly needed. She found this website called isidewith.com and found out she really like the third party candidates (Gary Johnson, Jill Stein) for president and the party she liked most was the Green Party.  Actually, The Panda Bear is thinking about finding out more about the Massachusetts Green Party.

Today, The Panda Bear was reading about the many preventative services that will be covered in full under Obamacare.   However, the Panda Bear wonders if employers will give workers the time off to use these services.

The Panda Bear believes the government needs to educate and/or mandate employers are what they need to do to maintain their employee’s health.   Many workers have to use all their “vacation” time for physician appointments.  

Today the Panda Bear was feeling blue at work.   She has read exercise and stretching can improve mood.   However, many supervisors want people to sit and their desk continuously which is not necessarily the best for employee health.

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