Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Panda Bear on Her Observations Regarding Foolish Aspects of Recruitment.

The Panda Bear is working on revising her resume for when she sees her career coach tomorrow.   Therefore this blog post will be short.   However, the Panda Bear wanted to share a couple of thoughts about what she thinks are foolish aspects of  job recruitment.   Since the Panda Bear lives in the US her observations pertain to the recruitment process in the US.  

The reason the Panda Bear stresses culture has to do with the nature of job interview.   It seems that the person that brags,has the most self-confidence and who can be extremely conceited , arrogant and perhaps dishonest is perceived as doing well on the interview while thoughtful, nervous, shy people are perceived as doing poorly on them.   People are expected to say they loved every aspect of their job, did well at everything and got along with everyone.   Especially for people with a work history what should matter what people did on the job rather than these personality traits.

The second thing that the Panda Bear things is stupid about the US job recruitment process is the emphasis given to references.   Unless the person knows the person personally who gives the reference the Panda Bear things references mean nothing except perhaps the work history given by the applicant is not faked.   The Panda Bear knows of many instances where people have gotten fired for doing pretty terrible things on the job but these people got good references from the places they worked.   Most people the Panda Bear knows won't give bad references.

Hopefully, the Panda Bear will have the energy to work on her resume tonight.  She gets tired during the short days.  The Panda Bear's cat Suzie wants to be petted.

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