Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Panda Bear on Business as Usual During the Holidays

The Panda Bear Blog is a blog for the ordinary person who works all day at an ordinary job and feels that his/her life  is not very exciting.   It is a blog for those people who are proud to be totally average and dull and who are proud to be no where near the top one percent of the US population in terms of wealth.

The Panda Bear apologizes to her readers for not posting.   She has been extremely busy.   She and Mr. Panda busy doing some year end chores.   The Panda Bear did some decluttering as part of WOMAC(the War on Mice and Clutter).  In addition, she and Mr. Panda adopted a cat named Suzie who will joining the WOMAC team-see her picture below.  

She is an a great cat and is rubbing up against the Panda Bear as she posts.   However, the Panda Bear will write more about Suzie in a future post.  

What the Panda Bear noticed this holiday season is that there was no slow down in the working world this year.  Usually, in the US from the end of November until January 1, businesses slow down for what is known as the holiday season.   Usually, no major changes or major decisions are made during this period.  
However, what the Panda noticed this year is that there was no holiday lull and everything was moving full speed ahead.

The US holiday season can be personally stressful for some people with its emphasis on family.   The Panda Bear thinks it is hard that in US two family holidays are so close together.   However, she thinks most people in the work force liked that things slowed down during this period.

This year at the work place of the Panda Bear it was business as usual during this time period and it must have been quite stressful for people who had to prepare for the holidays.   Here is an example of what appears to be the new normal.  A friend of the Panda Bear's saw a job posting on December 23.  She applied for it and she got a request for an interview on December 27 and was interviewed on January 2.   While hiring that is going on during the holidays is probably a good thing for the unemployed,at one time this would not have happened and all hiring decisions would be made after New Years.    The Panda Bear also know several people who were given a hard time for taking time off during Christmas week where at one time most everyone would have had the week off.

To the Panda Bear this indicates that we are just living in a faster and faster world with less and less leisure.   She does not think this is a good trend.

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  1. I agree so many people having to work all the time is a crappy CRAPPY turn of events! It is ruining what should have rightfully been my leisure years! That said, having less time for much only makes having pets more important. Congratulations on your new kitty.